Engineers at Columbia University (USA) have created the world’s most compact chip designed for injection into the human body – it will be used to track various processes in the body, transmitting information using ultrasound. At the moment, this development is considered the most compact single-chip system, which at the same time is a full-fledged functioning electronic circuit. The chip is planned to be inserted into the human body using a standard hypodermic needle (the total volume of the device is only 0.1 mm3) for medical use.

In the future, such chips will allow monitoring body temperature, blood pressure, glucose, blood oxygen saturation, and so on. The project manager, Ken Shepard, believes that this chip could make a real breakthrough in the implantable medical device market – the device allows recognition of many parameters inside the body without additional equipment. At the same time, information and “recharging” occur through ultrasound. True, first, the latest development has to go through a whole list of clinical trials, and only then can the chip be used directly for injections.

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In addition, unfortunately, the first version of the new chip so far can only change the body’s temperature – work on introducing the ability to measure other parameters of the body is still underway, the engineers promise a wider range of functions in the foreseeable future. Theoretically, suppose the development is allowed for use in medicine. In that case, people will no longer have to take blood tests, measure blood pressure, invasively measure blood sugar levels, find out the temperature with a thermometer. So on – all this a person can literally get from his body using ultrasound technology in the blink of an eye.

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