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In Windows 11, you cannot change the position of the taskbar: It is only fixed at the bottom

Judging by the messages on the forums, many experienced users prefer to unpin the taskbar in Windows from the bottom of the screen and move it to the left or right side of the display – they explain this by the fact that this way, more text fits on display vertically and working with programs or surfing on the Internet is becoming much more convenient. However, Windows 11 will disappoint in this regard – the system has disabled the option to move the taskbar.

The inability to place the taskbar in Windows 11 on the left or the right is clearly not a mistake by the developers or a limitation of beta versions of the system since Microsoft itself wrote about the decision to abandon this option. This and 14 other Windows 10 features that will disappear or change significantly in Windows 11 are described separately.

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