Infinix Hot 10S after 2 weeks: full review

Infinix is ​​a newcomer to the Russian market, hence the close attention to their smartphones that appear on sale. But the company has been on the global market for 8 years. I already wrote about the first impressions of the Infinix Hot 10s, which showed itself on the positive side during a short acquaintance. Now it’s time for a complete review of the two weeks with the device.


The case is nice, but it’s better to put on a case.

Infinix Hot 10s after 2 weeks: full review of new items

Infinix Hot 10s, as I said in the first review, is made of plastic. The surface is glossy, which has a positive effect on tenacity – the fingers seem to stick a little, and the smartphone does not fall out. This is important because the diagonal is 6.82 inches. However, this solution also has disadvantages. As expected, I managed to catch a couple of serious scratches in two weeks. Probably, you can’t do without a cover.

Infinix Hot 10s after 2 weeks: full review of new items

I would also like to note the beautiful texture of the rear panel. At first glance, the smartphone is just gray, but it is not. In the sun, diamond-shaped tiles and pearlescent overflows appear, which looks advantageous. True, this effect is not always noticeable, and it was far from the first attempt to catch it on the camera.


Smoothness Above All

Infinix Hot 10s after 2 weeks: full review of new items

Perhaps the most controversial aspect of the Infinix Hot 10s for me was the giant display that takes up most of the front panel. It’s not so much about the screen size as about its resolution. Still, 1640 × 720 is not enough for 6.82 inches. It is clear that this is a matter of habit, but it struck me after a smartphone with a higher pixel density.

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Infinix Hot 10s after 2 weeks: full review of new items

At the same time, other display parameters are at their best. The brightness is enough for life, the viewing angles are comfortable, and the refresh rate is quite fashionable at 90 Hz. The latter adds smoothness and responsiveness to the smartphone, which is noticeable in everyday use. The smartphone goes beyond the usual slow animations in this segment and offers the user a more pleasant experience.

Infinix Hot 10s after 2 weeks: full review of new items

Above the screen, in addition to a waterdrop-shaped cutout, there is also a blinking LED for notifications. It would seem that until recently, every smartphone was equipped with this, but now it is a rarity. In fact, the thing is useful – with its help, you can understand that you have received a message without touching your smartphone.

Infinix Hot 10s after 2 weeks: full review of new items

The rear-mounted fingerprint scanner is fast enough to be overlooked, and its matte finish is different from the lid, making it easy to touch.


There are three of them, but the main one is interesting.

The Infinix Hot 10s is equipped with a triple camera system that produces decent shots in various conditions. Why are there so many modules? The first 48-megapixel camera takes pictures, while the other two help her. The AI ​​camera evaluates the situation and adjusts the settings, while the depth sensor allows you to blur the background in portrait mode gently. In fact, this translates into decent quality that can satisfy the majority of users. The picture comes out sharp and moderately saturated. Separately, I would like to note the detail and good night mode. Of course, in complete darkness, he will not save you, but he will help you out in the evening.

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As for the additional cameras, it is quite difficult to judge their work – after all, the magic is happening behind the scenes and pours into an already finished result. Nevertheless, I can confidently say that the smartphone blurs portraits perfectly – not too aggressively and with a nice bokeh pattern. The selfie camera is 8 megapixels, and its quality is sufficient for both video chats and recording Instagram stories. By the way, there is a portrait too – you can evaluate the results on the last photo in the gallery above. In my opinion, it turned out well.


Works smoothly, but gaming only at low.

Infinix Hot 10s after 2 weeks: full review of new items

MediaTek Helio G85 and 4 GB of eMMC 5.1 RAM allow the smartphone to render the interface quickly and without stuttering. In the “browser-social-calls” mode, the Hot 10s show itself from its best side, complemented by smooth animations and a 90 Hz screen. Apparently, the low resolution of the display allows you to save resources and distribute them correctly.

In large titles like PUBG and World of Tanks: Blitz, it will be possible to reach the coveted figure of 30 frames per second at low settings. At the same time, during the gameplay, the smartphone does not heat up to uncomfortable temperatures. Everything remains within the normal range.

Infinix Hot 10s after 2 weeks: full review of new items

Additional support for smart sound enhancement DTS Audio Processing and Dar-link performance optimizer is stated here. The chips are invisible but useful. The sound in the smartphone, however, does not differ from the competitors. Loud, but there are not enough stars from the sky. I am glad that the Hot 10s has an NFC chip.


It holds for a long time, charges even longer.

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The smartphone is equipped with an impressive 5000 mAh battery, which allows it to occupy one of the top positions in the proprietary battery test. Playing video over Wi-Fi, the smartphone lasted nearly 23 hours. In real life, it is easily transformed into a day and a half of active use. In general, you will not be left without charging. Or…

Infinix Hot 10s after 2 weeks: full review of new items

On the lower edge of the Infinix Hot 10s, in addition to the 3.5mm Mini Jack, there is another greetings from the past – the MicroUSB connector. And if the first one can be called a pleasant surprise, then the second one means slow charging of five thousand mAh. Of course, the smartphone will last until the night, and there you can put it on charge until the morning, but in 2021 this seems to be a controversial decision. Moreover, with micro USB, you also cannot charge other devices from the Hot 10s.

Recall after two weeks of use

Infinix Hot 10s after 2 weeks: full review of new items

The Infinix Hot 10s is a solid device for the money with an impressive battery, a smooth 90Hz display, and enough hardware for everyday use. Of the negative, I would like to note only the low resolution of the display and the micro USB connector. However, even though the Infinix Hot 10s has both pros and cons, the smartphone leaves behind a mostly positive impression. In my opinion, it will be able to compete with the existing market players seriously.


  • Comfortable body that fits snugly in the palm of your hand.
  • Display with a refresh rate of 90 Hz.
  • Excellent autonomy.
  • Fast work.
  • Affordable price.


  • Low display resolution.
  • MicroUSB connector.

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