Installing Windows 11 on incompatible devices won’t work: Microsoft will close workarounds

During the official presentation of the new operating system, Microsoft employees surprised the whole world with sufficiently high system requirements for Windows 11. For example, now the computer must be equipped with 4 GB of RAM, an Intel Core 8 processor or newer, or a model from AMD with at least Zen 2 architecture. Moreover, now the TPM 2.0 hardware encryption module has become a mandatory element – without it, you will not be able to install the operating system. And while enthusiasts have now found loopholes to install the beta version of the new OS on unsupported computers and laptops, Microsoft employees will close all workarounds in the future.

The developers of the company officially announced this during a special Q&A session for corporate users. Microsoft representatives said they understand the resentment of users that their computers will not be able to get Windows 11. Still, the company has set itself the goal of making the system more productive and secure. Probably, to achieve this effect, old computers will still have to be abandoned – this, according to the developers, will simplify the life of both system administrators and ordinary users. They no longer have to waste time analyzing PC and OS compatibility or downloading Windows 11, which will still not be supported.

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And so that workarounds for installing Windows 11 no longer exist, developers from Microsoft are planning to rely on a system for automatically detecting PC compatibility. The software will use telemetry data, and group policy will banally not allow the user to bypass the system requirements for the hardware component. They plan to implement these prohibitions in future assemblies, so, apparently, using the new system on unsupported hardware will still not work.

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