On May 15, WhatsApp’s updated privacy policy came into effect, which caused a wide resonance among users. At the same time, the service threatens to limit the application’s functionality to those who do not accept the new rules. In particular, such users will be denied access to the list of contacts and chats, and then they will not be able to write to anyone and call. It turned out that for such coercion, the WhatsApp application can be removed from the App Store since pressure on users is prohibited by Apple’s rules.

Apple Scope drew attention to the fact that WhatsApp’s actions regarding the adoption of the new privacy policy are contrary to the App Store rules. Clause 3.2.2 of the App Store Rules states the following:

“Apps must not require users to rate apps, watch videos, download other apps, click on ads, allow tracking, or take any other similar action to access features, content, use the app, or receive monetary or other compensation, including but not limited to gift maps and codes “.

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