Is DirectX 13 Download for Windows 10 Real? When is its release date?

I was very surprised when someone told me that they had actually installed DirectX 13 while searching for the latest version of DirectX for their Windows 10 64-bit or 32-bit system. First of all, there is no DirectX 13 for now. The most up-to-date and latest version of DirectX is DirectX 12, which supports most of the latest graphics cards and games.

For whatever reason you tried to install DirectX on your PC, download only from the Microsoft website and stay away from any other site. Read this post of ours, Download DirectX 12 for Gaming on Windows 10, to learn more about the latest real version of DirectX to date, DirectX 12.

Why are there DirectX 13 downloads on the Internet?

The latest version of DirectX is now DirectX 12. Any previous version is fake. If there is any website that shows a DirectX 13 download link or offline installer, they are not real.

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They claim to have the latest version of something that doesn’t exist and mislead you to where they want it to be, usually to sites full of ads, surveys, or worse, malware and viruses, which would ultimately not give you what you want. want. Either they make money from the ads or surveys they show you, or they inject viruses or malware into your computer that can steal things like your credit card information from your computer.

I accidentally installed something that claims to be a DirectX 13 offline installer

If you accidentally installed something claiming to be DirectX 13, it is most likely malware or virus. Delete it and all its traces immediately. Run a full scan with your antivirus program as soon as possible.

To be safe, make sure you have antivirus software installed (preferably with internet security) to avoid entering one of these suspicious sites. When you are on one of these sites, your antivirus will automatically detect and warn you about the risk of visiting such dangerous sites.

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Is there an official announcement about DirectX 13 from Microsoft?

As far as we know, there were none. There was once a Microsoft insider who said that DirectX 12 is the final version of DirectX and that there won’t be a newer version in the near future.

However, AMD said the same thing many years ago before the launch of DirectX 12 that there will be no DirectX 12. Well, time has proven them wrong and this is where we are with DirectX 12 on every Windows 10 PC in the world.

So will there ever be DirectX 13 in the near future?

Yes, we think so. As DirectX 12 is still far from perfect, when there is a big update that needs an overhaul, DirectX 13 will be introduced, just like all other versions prior to DirectX 12.

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