Is Softonic safe, reliable, and legit?

Have you ever listened to or opened the Softonic website? Or do you feel that it is not safe? Well, in this article, I will answer the most frequently asked question “Is Softonic safe, reliable and legal?”.

The best thing about Windows is that it gives its users the freedom to choose the software download market. But the lack of restrictions is what makes it a paradox due to the increased security risk on the Internet. Malware, viruses, and other potential threats embedded in software packages cause serious security problems. The tremendous escalation of security threats is a leading cause of advanced technologies alongside which threats like malware are becoming catastrophically more lethal. There is camouflage or disguise more and more advanced day by day.

But in today’s age, you must have tons of applications and it is a known fact that it is practically impossible to buy all the applications from the manufacturer’s website or from the retailers due to many reasons. Therefore, there are websites that help users to download their favorite applications for free. Softonic is one of them.

Softonic is a Spanish organization based in California founded in 1997 with the aim of focusing on market content and making it available to users for free. But the risk involved with downloading content over the internet is high as discussed above. Without However, even if the content does not cost you money, but if there is an invasion of personal space due to threats, it can cost you your security.

This is 2018 and the need to discuss the security trends of such websites and software is very essential now, because it is about time. Before downloading any software, if you wonder “is it Softonic Safe?” then this post is for you. Therefore, we would like to welcome you to this post and congratulate you on taking such action to browse the web for your own safety.

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Why do users claim that Softonic is not safe?

The well-known free portal is responsible for frequent modifications of copyrighted and free third-party applications. Additionally, they are blamed by communities, competitors, and individuals for intentionally including Malware, Adware, and viruses in software and applications.

However, despite this criticism, Softonic did not stop and worked to increase its storage of free software. Many online manufacturers advise users not to download their software from the developer’s site and not from Softonic.

The professionals

Pros # 1: the trust digit web

The Trusted Web abbreviated as WOT is a browser companion online resource for verifying site authenticity, reputation, and trustworthiness through crowdsourced reviews to indicate data privacy, security, and integrity on any website. Well, Softonic’s WOT score tells a different story than users claiming the site is malicious. There is an 85% reliability of this site according to WOT, which is quite a large number in terms of reputation and privacy.

Pros # 2: Safe Google Browsing

Google is the mother of search engines and being the best of all, it has obviously established a tool to discover the safety of content on that particular site. It’s called Google Safe Browsing. Google Safe Browsing is an online tool implemented to detect malicious content such as malware, adware, and viruses in specific website content. When running a test on in Google Safe Browsing, the result is as follows:

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‘No insecure content found!’

Therefore, it is a guarantee from Google that the site is safe to navigate and download content through it.

Pros # 3: user feedback and reliability

No matter what, those users who keep criticizing Softonic for malware, the same users download software through the site every day. There are positive user comments that you can check out on Quora, HowtoGeek, and Velocity. Many users still trust Softonic for their favorite software download.

Pros # 4: website ensures free malware downloads

Softonic claims that your files are 100% safe and pre-scanned for malware or viruses. You don’t want to compromise your reputation by not providing any security mechanisms for your files.

The other side: is Softonic really safe?

On the other hand, it is partly true that softonic software is malicious.

This fact is true because in this gloomy world of the Internet no one can guarantee the safety of the files downloaded through it. Some clarification on opinions and user experience suggests that they faced some issues while downloading a software through Softonic.

Cons # 1: Causes malware even after claiming malware-free

It is not one or two, but several users attest that the Softonic’s installer, which guarantees free malware downloads, is itself malware. Apart from this, it is supposedly responsible for downloading other malware software without users’ permission. Malware detected by antivirus software is responsible for the fact.

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Cons # 2: Outdated Downloads

Viruses and malware are not just the problem. Although the files are safe, but later they became out of date. The version promised in the download title is not there and an older version is downloaded instead. This costs users valuable time and data.

Cons # 3: too many ads

The worst part of downloading a free file from the Internet is the ads. Finding the right shock button literally is comparable to defusing a bomb. Users complain about too many ads while downloading the software.

A newbie will easily fall for fake downloads hyperlinked by ads causing virus and malware breach.

Cons # 4: Softonic takes control of the device

Another major concern is the control that the Softonic application takes over from the PC. As discussed above, downloads and installs are under control.

Disk space is also said to be controlled due to the fact that the software is completely occupying disk space. Sometimes the program becomes the home page of the device due to the extension being downloaded automatically.

The answer to the question: Is Softonic safe and legit?

So is Softonic safe? Well, in my point of view, if you take the proper measures and incentives to protect your PC, such as using good antivirus software, excluding additional irrelevant downloads of software packages, scanning new programs for possible threats, then Softonic is a safe source to download. Or else it is not safe.

The rest of the decision is yours.


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