Kia showed the premium sedan K9 before the premiere: it’s just gorgeous

Kia has officially unveiled the updated K9 premium sedan (sold under the name K900 in South Korea, in the United States), which is due to premiere shortly. The exterior of the car is very similar to what a motorist can see on most of the latest novelties – on the front side, the model attracts attention with an impressive radiator grill, extended along the body with LED optics in the style of Audi, as well as the complete absence of dedicated “fog lights.” However, there is also something to see at the back – the designers clearly did their best so that the model, after restyling, instantly attracted attention.

For example, the designers also abandoned the twin lights in the rear of the car, so now there are stylish lights connected by a red strip with illumination and a chrome decor element. A similar chrome element is located on the rear bumper, and the side windows’ edging is a frequent “guest” in premium cars from Asia. Also, the creators of the restyled version of the car demonstrated new 19-inch wheels, but, most likely, this is not the only version that will be available to a potential buyer. But the pictures of the salon have not yet been shown.

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In addition, the manufacturer has so far decided not to share any technical characteristics of the updated car – there is no data on the power plants or anything else. With a high degree of probability, we can say that the manufacturer will not change anything radically in the engine compartment of the new K9. There will be a choice of an atmospheric V6 or a turbocharged V6 with 315 and 370 horsepower.

Over the next few weeks, the manufacturer plans to hold a full-fledged premiere of the updated sedan, where all the details and specifications will be presented.

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