For a long time, the developers from Konami tried to compete with the popular football simulator FIFA from Electronic Arts, but apparently, this battle was lost. The fact is that today, July 21, representatives of the company announced that the Pro Evolution Soccer franchise has officially changed its name to eFootball – now the Konami football simulator will be released under a new name. It is worth noting that the series was called Pro Evolution Soccer since 2001, but it was significantly behind FIFA in terms of popularity and sales. Now, apparently, the developers will try to defeat the competitor differently.

The fact is that eFootball will be distributed on a shareware monetization basis – the developers plan to make money selling content through the built-in store. And it’s not just about cosmetic items – in a press release, the company said that the game would sell add-ons with new game modes, which are not mandatory for purchase but will allow the publisher to earn money on a free project. At the same time, Konami does not plan to abandon the esports direction – the developer will hold various tournaments with valuable prizes. The first major event is scheduled for the coming winter.

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In addition, the publisher eFootball decided to capture all available platforms at once – the game will be released on PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X | S, and Xbox One this fall; in the future, the project is also planned to be adapted for Android and iOS mobile platforms. True, so far, the developer does not even name an approximate launch date on smartphones. But the publisher said that a new engine was specially created for eFootball, which is built based on the Unreal Engine – it should provide more convenience for developers and, in theory, cross-platform gameplay.

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