Most users think that better algorithms and influencers are needed to promote apps in the App Store successfully. But as practice shows, there are exceptions to the rules. For example, a small program called Paste Keyboard managed to bypass such a heavyweight as TikTok in the US App Store charts without any effort on the part of the developers.

TikTok had been at the top of the App Store charts since April last year, but on May 30, the Paste Keyboard app suddenly became the new king. According to the App Annie website, a simple tool for quickly copying and pasting text was ranked 910th in the iPhone utility section on May 27, and on May 28, it was already in # 1 and # 5 in the overall ranking. Two days later, the Paste Keyboard app overtook TikTok and burst into 1st place in the overall rating and remains there at the moment.

Analysts believe Paste Keyboard’s success is because the application offers a simple solution to the problem that users face daily. However, they are confused because all smartphones already have a built-in copy and paste functionality. So what’s the secret?

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The fact is that the application automatically gets access to the clipboard and, accordingly, to the text that the user types. Therefore, there is no need to copy it. This is convenient if only for the reason that you do not need to do unnecessary manipulations. In addition, the large text is inconvenient to edit in a small text field, so you can type it in any editor and then quickly paste it into another application. Paste Keyboard works like a third-party keyboard.

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