Laptop Stuck Preparing Windows Don’t turn off your computer? Try these solutions

Installing Windows Update is an easier task, and the latest version of Windows 10 automatically downloads and installs updates in the background. And when you restart your system, Windows applies these updates. But sometimes things don’t go well, few users report that » Windows 10 stuck preparing after installing updates »For some other Windows 10 stuck preparing Windows, please don’t turn off your computer screen at startup. And restrict access to your desktop completely as normal.

In the middle of downloading Windows updates, my computer rebooted and got stuck at the Windows preparation screen. Don’t turn off your computer. The PC can hang for several hours forcing me to use the shutdown button, when I restart it it tries to update again but finally returns to the login screen.

The repair application was unable to start properly

If you are also suffering from this application failed to start correctly 0xc000007b Error and look for solutions to get rid of this, here apply the following solutions to fix the application error 0xc000007b and run Windows smoothly. Get started with basic troubleshooting

Restart the Windows computer

Most of the time, restarting Windows will fix a number of startup problems including application crashes, different errors, etc. If there may be something small that goes wrong with your system and the application cannot start properly, then a simple restart of your computer can fix this problem. Let’s restart Windows and check the problem solved, if not then follow the next solution.

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Run the application with compatibility check

Sometimes while running applications due to incompatibility issue, you may face different issues such as automatic closing of application, showing different error and not responding at startup. Running the application as an administrator with compatibility mode will help to solve these types of problems.

Right-click on the application you want to open. Then select Properties . Go to the tab Compatibility . In compatibility mode, check the box to run this program in compatibility mode. And select your old version of Windows. Also, check Run this program as administrator . Then click To accept to save the changes. Try running your application and see if this method fixes the error.

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Reinstall your application

If you are getting The application was unable to start correctly 0xc000007b Error with a single application (For example: vlc media player ) Then reinstalling the app will update and fix the error. Because during upgrade Sometimes the application you want to run may contain something that has been corrupted. In this case, you have to uninstall your application completely and then reinstall it. After that, run the program and see if the problem is resolved.

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Repair corrupt system files

As discussed before, corrupt system files cause different problems on Windows computer including the application error 0xc000007b . We highly recommend running the Windows SFC utility to scan and repair corrupt system files.

To run the SFC utility in Windows 10 First open the command prompt as an administrator. Then type the command SFC / SCANNOW and press the Enter key to execute the command.

This will start the process of scanning for corrupted / damaged Windows system files. If it finds anything, the SFC utility replaces the corrupted files with a cached copy found in a compressed folder in % WinDir% System32 dllcache . Please wait until the scanning process is 100% complete and then after restarting Windows and check that the applications are running smoothly and without errors.

Reinstall Microsoft .NET Framework

If all the above methods do not work, the Application failed to start correctly Error 0xc000007b. Then reinstall Microsoft .NET Framework (.NET framework is a framework developed by Microsoft that supports applications that use .Net technologies) so you can work around this error.

With Windows 8 and 10 it contains this framework by default. It cannot be removed or modified in any way. To install updates, press the Windows key + I , select Update and security and click Search for updates . Once the list of available updates is ready, click the button Install updates . Also, check how to install .NET Framework 3.5 on Windows 10.

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If you encounter error 0xc000007b in Windows 7, try reinstalling the .NET Framework manually:

  1. Open the control panel and select Programs and characteristics .
  2. Click on Microsoft NET items and select Uninstall / Change.
  3. Follow the instructions on the screen to uninstall the items completely.
  4. Finally, navigate to the Microsoft .NET Framework download website and reinstall the framework manually.

Go to website download of Microsoft .NET Framework to download and install the framework.

Reinstall Microsoft Visual C ++ Redistributable Packages

The Microsoft Visual C ++ Redistributable Package it is a runtime component required to run multiple applications. The files in the Microsoft Visual C ++ Redistributable Package are generally corrupted due to many reasons. And this can cause the error 0xc00007b. In this case, you must reinstall these components.

  • Right click on the windows key and select Control Panel .
  • Open section Programs and characteristics and delete all the elements Microsoft Visual C ++ Redistributables .
  • Then navigate to Microsoft’s official website and install Visual C ++ Redistributable Package manually.

Tweak the Windows registry

If the above methods failed to fix the problem, please modify the Windows registry by following the steps below to get rid of this error, the application failed to start properly 0xc00007b. To do this, open the Windows registry editor by pressing Windows + R, type regedit and press the Enter key. We recommend making a copy from registry database security before making any modifications.

When you are ready Navigate to the following location:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE> SOFTWARE> Wow6432Node> Microsoft> WindowsNT> CurrentVersion> Windows

Double click on » AppInst_DLLs ” and set it up to a blank value. close the registry editor and restart the computer. On the next startup, check that the application works properly without any errors.

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Fixing records

The register of Windows is the central Windows database that your PC constantly uses to help you read many different files and settings that you need to run. Sometimes due to wrong settings, installation / uninstallation of third party applications or virus malware infection, the registries can get corrupted and the damages caused by different errors include the application error 0xc0000005 .

To get rid of this, we recommend downloading the best Ccleaner registry cleaner and system optimizer for free.

After downloading, install it using the recommended settings. Open the software after the installation process is finished. In the interface, click the tab Record present in the left pane and click the button labeled as Look for problems . It will start looking for errors in the registry and when the search is done, a button will be activated Repair selected problem . Click that button and everything will be fixed.

Run chkdsk command

Sometimes bad sectors on hard drive can cause different errors and prevent applications from starting. Run the CHKDSK command with some additional parameters it will check the hard disk for errors and repair them. To run this utility Run chkdsk by opening cmd (search for it or select run from the start menu). In the window, type » chkdsk c: / f / r «. If it is the primary Windows disk, it will ask you to schedule it for the next boot. When you reboot, it will perform a check before reaching the login screen. Partitions or other drives can also be verified this way.

Here are some of the best working solutions to fix the application failed to start properly Error 0xc000007b 0xc0000005 , 0xc0150002, 0xc0000022, 0xc0000018, or 0xc0000142 on the computer with Windows 10. I hope that after applying these solutions your problem will be solved. Still have any query, suggestion. Feel free to comment below. Also, read from our blog: DISM error 0x800f081f Source files could not be found in Windows 10

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