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Laptop Stuck Preparing Windows Don’t turn off your computer? Try these solutions

Installing Windows Update is an easier task, and the latest version of Windows 10 automatically downloads and installs updates in the background. And when you restart your system, Windows applies these updates. But sometimes things don’t go well, few users report that » Windows 10 stuck preparing after installing updates »For some other Windows 10 stuck preparing Windows, please don’t turn off your computer screen at startup. And restrict access to your desktop completely as normal.

In the middle of downloading Windows updates, my computer rebooted and got stuck at the Windows preparation screen. Don’t turn off your computer. The PC can hang for several hours forcing me to use the shutdown button, when I restart it it tries again to update but finally returns to the login screen.

Windows 10 Slide to close feature

To see the Slide to Close feature in Windows 10 in action,

  • Press Windows hotkeys + R on the keyboard
  • Write the slide of command to turn off and click OK
  • The Swipe to Close feature will scroll the lock screen to the middle of the screen.
  • Then all you need to do is download it to shut down your PC.

To quickly turn off your Windows 10 / 8.1 touch device, you can create a Slide to Power off shortcut on your desktop. If you want permanent access to the feature, you can create a shortcut or pin the slidetoshutdown.exe file to the Start menu or the Taskbar.

Create slide shortcut to shutdown

  • To create a Swipe to Close shortcut, right-click on your Windows desktop
  • Select New and then Shortcut
  • Now in the Create Shortcut wizard that opens.

  • In the Enter the location of the item field, type % windir% System32 SlideToShutDown.exe

  • Click Next
  • Give the shortcut a name: SlideToShutDown,
  • and click Finish.

  • Now select the shortcut, right click on it and select properties
  • Click Change Icon, select the appropriate icon for this.

  • Now when you want to turn off your tablet or touch device, click / tap this icon.
  • The lock screen will scroll to the middle of the screen and stay there.
  • Drag it to the bottom edge of the screen and your computer will shut down.

Tablet users especially may find this feature more useful, if you create your shortcut on the desktop or pin it to your taskbar. The Slide to Power Off function can also be used with the mouse, you can drag the overlay down with the mouse pointer.

Trick 2 to slide to the off function

  • Open File Explorer and then navigate C: windows system32
  • There you will find the file slidetoshutdown.exe .
  • Right click to pin it to Start or Taskbar
  • You can drag the slidetoshutdown.exe file to the desktop while holding down the Alt key.
  • This will create a shortcut on the desktop.
  • Double click the shortcut icon to access the slide-to-shutdown function.

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