Yesterday, June 9, EA held a short presentation of their new shooter Battlefield 2042 – the developers showed a five-minute trailer and shared some details of the project. Shortly thereafter, journalists and bloggers who came to the closed version of the presentation shared additional information that is not available in official sources. For example, a blogger under the nickname jackfrags released an article stating that the largest map in Battlefield 2042, called Breakaway, is not inferior in size to the winter map Vikendi from PUBG – its total area is 5.9 square kilometers.

Naturally, Vikendi is not the biggest map in PUBG – there are huge Miramaru and Erangel. But, on the other hand, for the Battlefield universe, the area is really huge – the blogger noted that individual locations in the new part of the shooter would be larger than full-fledged maps in Battlefield 3. And so that gamers do not get tired of moving around such a huge area, the developers make it possible to use zip lines or call transport to the location to fight more comfortably and move faster. Air vehicles, which are focused on movement in whole units, also show themselves well.

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Previously, the largest map in Battlefield history was the Halvay location from Battlefield V’s battle royale – roughly 5 square kilometers.

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