Audi is one of the car brands that have embarked on the electrification of the lineup. Moreover, if many manufacturers plan to completely switch to the production of electric vehicles by the beginning of the next decade, then the German auto giant will release its last car with an internal combustion engine in just 4 years. Reuters writes about this concerning the German edition of the Süddeutsche Zeitung.

According to media reports, Audi CEO Markus Duesmann told the European government that the brand’s last car with a gasoline or diesel engine would be launched in 2026. All subsequent new Audi models that debut after this date will be fully electric. But it should be noted that the head of Audi did not say anything about when the company will finally withdraw from the sale of cars with internal combustion engines. Therefore, most likely, customers will have the opportunity to buy existing models with gasoline and diesel engines after 2026. Given the standard life cycle of a car brand of 6-7 years, Audi could completely stop producing cars on gasoline and diesel fuel by 2035.

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Audi model will go down in history as the last one with an internal combustion engine under the hood remains a mystery. But this is clearly not an Audi A4 or A6 since the manufacturer recently announced that it plans to convert them to electricity by 2030. Therefore, their latest gasoline and diesel versions will enter the market before 2026 to meet the standard 6-7 year refresh cycle.

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