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Linux Mint 20.2 released (Direct Download Linux Mint 20.2 ISO file)

The Linux Mint team has released a new version of the 20.2 distribution, codenamed “Uma.” The distribution kit is distributed in three editions with different environments: Cinnamon, MATE, and XFCE.

Left to right: Linux Mint Cinnamon, Linux Mint MATE, Linux Mint XFCE

Changes to Cinnamon

Linux Mint 20.2 has received Cinnamon 5.0. The version number here does not mean the scale of the update and is only an ordinal number.

Nemo, the Cinnamon file manager, now has the ability to search for files not only by name but also by their content. Assigned F6 key to switch between panels in dual-pane mode. Added option to sort selected files before others.

The update manager learned how to check and install updates for “spices” add-ons to Cinnamon, including automatically.

Linux may hang when RAM is full. To prevent such situations, limiting the RAM for Cinnamon has been added when the limit is reached. The Cinnamon shell restarts without affecting open applications and unsaved files.

In all editions

The system will notify about available updates depending on how long the user has not installed them.

The developers claim that implementations on other operating systems such as Windows and macOS were examples that Linux Mint didn’t want to follow. Notifications can be configured or disabled. Then only the tray icon will notify about updates.

A new Bulky application for the batch renaming of files has been added to the distribution kit. It can be launched from the application menu or the file manager by selecting several files and clicking “Rename …” in the context menu.

Warpinator, an app for sharing files between devices, adds network selection (wireless or Ethernet) and optional compression. When compression is enabled on both devices, the transfer speed can increase up to 3 times. For Android, there is an unofficial port.

GNote, the note-taking application, has been replaced with its own Sticky Notes, which is also written in GTK3 and supports HiDPI but has the ability to take notes to the desktop and format text. In addition, Sticky Notes is backed up and can import notes from GNote.

Where can I download

ISO images of all three editions for x86-64 architecture can be found at; torrents and mirrors are also available.

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