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Linux Mint ported to Android utility for local file transfer between devices

Last year, the developers who are working on the free Linux Mint distribution presented their new open source application, Warpinator. This software allows you to transfer files in a more convenient format between devices that are connected to the same network. And now a third-party developer has created its unofficial Warpinator app for Android, which allows you to conveniently and easily transfer files between smartphones, tablets, PCs and other devices running the Android and Linux operating systems. And, of course, this software is completely free.

The Warpinator application was created specifically so that a user, whose two devices are connected to the same network, can transfer the files he needs without any problems. Moreover, after launching and automatically detecting supported devices on the local network, the software allows you to transfer not only individual files, but also entire lists of content or even folders. And, fortunately, the developer did not forget to take care of the safety of potential users – the software makes it possible to restrict the connection with certain people using a group access code, which is very convenient.

It is important to note that although the developers of the Linux Mint team have nothing to do with this application, they are quite warmly commented on the work of the enthusiast on his official blog. They said they had specifically created Warpinator for their source distribution so that users could implement similar software on other platforms. Which is exactly what happened.

Download the unofficial Warpinator app can be on Google Play, whereas on the developer page on GitHub there is a complete source code for the program in case other enthusiasts decide to port the program to other platforms.

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