Location of Windows 10 lock screen images (folder / in the world)

This guide will show you the folder location Windows 10 lock screen pictures and how to find the one actual location of Microsoft Windows 10 lock screen images in the world .

Windows 10 Lock Screen Pictures Folder Location

If you want to extract or copy the Spotlight lock screen images and use the photos elsewhere, this is where the Windows 10 lock screen images are located and stored.

C:  Users  yourusername  AppData  Local  Packages  Microsoft.Windows.ContentDeliveryManager_cw5n1h2txyewy  LocalState  Assets

Replace your username with your actual username in Windows 10. In the folder, you should see a list of files with random characters and no extensions.

Sort the list of files by size. Copy files that are at least 500 kb in size to any folder you like. Then right click on each of them. Select rename and add the .jpg extension to your names.

After adding the JPG extension, you should be able to view the images in any photo app. Before you can add any extension to any file, make sure you have enabled to view the file extension by going to File Explorer> View> Options> Change folder and search options> View> uncheck Hide extensions for known file types .

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Windows 10 lock screen image location folder contains only featured images that have already been downloaded and viewed at least once on your Windows 10 PC. Any new featured photos you see on Windows 10 lock screen it will be added to this folder.

Alternatively, you can find Windows 10 2018 featured images collection online and add them to folder to allow them to appear on Windows 10 lock screen as well.

Windows 10 lock screen images actual location in the world

If you are in awe of the stunning photos that appear on your Windows 10 lock screen and want to find out the actual location of where these photos were taken in the world, here is how to do it.

There are several methods to find out the actual location of Windows 10 lock screen images in the world. The easiest thing is to see the location on the lock screen.

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View image location information from Windows 10 lock screen

When you are on the Windows 10 lock screen, in the upper right corner of the screen, there should be no information of the actual location of the current photo with a Like what you see anyone’s title and options I like it or Not a fan . This feature is available since Windows 10 Update v1607. If you don’t see the information panel, you can run Windows Update to update your Windows 10.

From the image file properties

The other method to see the actual location of the taken lock screen images is to view the file’s properties. Locate the image files and change the extension to JPG. Right click on the image you want to check the actual location of, select Properties and then go to tab Details . You should be able to see the actual location information of the photo in Description .

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However, not all images have the location information in the description properties. Some will show an empty description in the details tab.

Use Google Reverse Image Search

If none of the above methods work to display the image location information, you can try using Google’s reverse image search. Using Google Reverse Image Search can help you find related photos from all over the web and extract the information from the relevant websites where the photo was hosted. It works most of the time. To do a reverse search, follow the steps below.

  1. Locate the image you want to search for, add the JPG extension to the image file.
  2. Go to https://reverse.photos.
  3. Upload the image.
  4. Click on Show matches .
  5. Then it should display relevant information from the uploaded image in a search result.

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