macOS Monterey brings MacBook, iPad and iMac together: what’s new

macOS Monterey объединяет работу MacBook, iPad и iMac: что ещё нового

As part of the WWDC 2021 developer conference, Apple announced a new macOS 12 operating system called Monterey. The update features most iOS 15’s multimedia innovations, including improved FaceTime, calls and more functional iMessage, fast command support, a redesigned Safari browser, and universal control technology that will create a single workspace between MacBook, iPad, and iMac.

Universal management

macOS Monterey объединяет работу MacBook, iPad и iMac: что ещё нового

The new Universal Control feature connects iPads to Macs, similar to the Continuity feature used in iOS. Users can easily move the cursor from the Mac to the iPad and control the tablet using the computer’s keyboard and touch track completely seamlessly. The most interesting thing is that the feature will work with both one MacBook and several, even in conjunction with the iMac, if they are nearby.

The cursor will automatically move between platforms, and a simple drag between the screens will transmit the files. What’s most amazing is that you don’t have to tune anything – synchronization is created automatically. Apple says universal control will take Mac productivity to a whole other level.

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Automation with fast commands

macOS Monterey объединяет работу MacBook, iPad и iMac: что ещё нового

macOS Monterey will receive full support from the Fast Teams (Shortcuts) that originally appeared on the iPhone. They will be integrated into apps and elements throughout the operating system, from Finder and Menu lines to Spotlight and, of course, Siri panels. Fast commands are designed to automate day-to-day tasks and maximize performance – macOS Monterey will have a gallery of ready-made commands designed specifically for mac.

It is currently unknown whether fast teams will eventually replace the built-in Automator app. Both functions may exist in parallel, complementing each other.


macOS Monterey объединяет работу MacBook, iPad и iMac: что ещё нового

Safari’s macOS Monterey will be the largest browser update in the last few years. The redesign of the interface will affect the main elements of interaction with content. Apple will make tabs a lot easier, the toolbar will be more minimalist, and the tabs themselves will make them even more compact. There will also be groups of tabs.

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The tab, the toolbar, and the Safari URL input panel will be combined into macOS Monterey. The tab bar will also be repainted in the color of the open web page. On the Mac, groups of tabs will appear in a special menu on the left side and will now sync with the iPad on the iPhone-as a small panel at the bottom of the screen automatically. Each group can be shared with friends and family in an email.

macOS Monterey объединяет работу MacBook, iPad и iMac: что ещё нового

Other changes include an updated homepage, one-click extensions from the address line, and standardized extensions that will officially come to Safari for iPhone and iPad.

Other innovations

macOS Monterey объединяет работу MacBook, iPad и iMac: что ещё нового
  • Text recognition on Live Text images.
  • SharePlay features music, videos, movies during the call, and screen demonstrations.
  • AirPlay support universally transmitting photos, videos, and presentations between iPhone, iPad, and Mac with the ability to use your computer as an AirPlay speaker.
  • Support for Spatial Audio technology and adaptive noise cancellation based on artificial intelligence for FaceTime calls.
  • Hashtags and mentions through the Notes app.
  • The quick note function for instant note-taking in any app or website with links and contextual information (for example, an entered address will be transferred to a note if a mapping service is opened when you create it).
  • Focus mode to manage notifications based on current activity.
  • The new Low Power Mode.
  • Enhanced privacy protections in the form of a new Mac access indicator, IP address hiding and managing the collection of personal data when dealing with e-mail.
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