Memory Caps: A game of memory, concentration and search

Memory Caps is a game for finding pairs of identical colorful chips and cards.

Flip chips on hundreds of exciting levels, find identical pairs of colorful pictures.
Remove all pairs of pieces from the field before your moves are over. For finding pairs – moves are not subtracted.


Upgrade your brain, train your memory, become a master in a huge number of levels of attentiveness.

Enjoy the alternating colorful views in the game. If you have difficulty memorizing combinations, use all kinds of amplifiers that will help you find the right pair of chips. Take a break from work to play and relax.

This is a new version of the good old memory game where you need to find two identical pictures on the field. Memory Caps for Android is great memory training and fun at the same time. If you like puzzles (Puzzles), match-3 games, search for objects with the same pictures, as well as games like mahjong, solitaire, then this application is for you. Check how lucky you are, can you open several identical cards in a row?

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The game is completely free and offline. All that remains is to download. Not only will it improve your mental health, but it will also help with short-term memory problems or lack of attention.

You can play searching for the same pictures with your family, with children, with the elderly and it will help train your brain and memory. This addicting matching puzzle is perfect for girls and boys.

How to play:

* Turn over the same cards in turn and find the same, every day your brain will get better.

* Complete various objectives and solve puzzles in many different levels:

  1. Clear the entire field from identical chips.
  2. Finding all specific paired pictures is not easy.
  3. Clear the field of constantly moving raccoons.
  4. Look for stars in the levels.

* Use amplifications: search for a random pair, flip the picture back, open several random pictures for a while.

* Spend coins to enter the levels, for winning the levels and completing the goal, you will get even more. And also, you have the opportunity to find a JOKER, which will bring additional gold if you win.

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* Every hour you can collect free gold to keep playing.


The game is waiting for you:

  • Many exciting levels where you can search for pairs and train your brain and memory.
  • Colorful graphics, various features and beautiful backgrounds.
  • Unique gameplay for finding pairs, identical chips.
  • Amazing game elements unlike any other. All were drawn uniquely.
  • Powerful boosters and hints to help you complete levels faster and train your memory.

Features of the game:

  • The application is completely free and included in the list of offline games.
  • Develops the brain, attentiveness, perseverance.
  • Many different goals, bonuses and obstacles that will not let you get bored.
  • For players who love games: mahjong, solitaire, pair search, picture matching, three in a row, search for objects, puzzles (puzzles), riddles, board games.
  • You don’t need to log in with Facebook to play.
  • The game is constantly being updated for your sake.

We hope you will love this game of matching and matching pictures. Download, play every day, improve your visual attentiveness, sharpen your mind. Please rate the app and leave a review for the developers to improve the game.

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Download game “Memory Caps: A Game of Memory, Concentration and Search” free for android


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