MetroSidebar adds a Windows 8 style widget bar from Vista to Windows 11

The developer with the nickname FireCube found out that the old MetroSidebar utility is compatible even with Windows 11. It adds the Windows Sidebar to the operating system from Vista, but the widgets themselves are made in the Metro design from Windows 8 – this is noticeable not only in style, but also by the presence of a live tile “Weather”.

In Windows 11, the developers re-added widgets, but not the way they were in Vista. In the new operating system, a pop-up feed is provided for them, combined with user-recommended content like important news and a selection of photos from OneDrive.

At the time of this writing official site MetroSidebar won’t open, but this old program is easy to find on the web.

This is what the standard widget bar looks like in Windows 11
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