Microsoft unveils an all-new File Explorer in Windows 11: It’s much prettier

During the presentation of Windows 11, developers did not pay attention to all proprietary applications, and one of them turned out to be “Explorer.” However, on one of the official videos about the update, which appeared after the presentation, the redesigned file manager was still lit.

IN Windows 11 design videos showed the new look of the “Explorer” – the application was on the screen for only a couple of seconds, but you can still notice the visual changes. First, the absence of the ribbon interface in the program header, which is now used in the file manager and office applications from Microsoft, is striking. This menu has received large controls – buttons for performing all basic functions. This change is killing two birds with one stone: it is fully consistent with the new Windows style, meets Fluent Design standards, and is great for touch control since the elements are large and located at a significant distance from each other.

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