Microsoft has announced OpenAI’s GPT-3 natural language processing model into the Power Apps development platform. Thanks to advanced artificial intelligence, users will easily create applications interactively – without deep knowledge of programming languages ​​and complex formulas, which will make development even easier and more accessible. The integration will be one of the first applications of GPT-3 in solving applied business problems.

The neural network GPT-3 runs in the Microsoft Azure cloud and allows you to generate ready-made formulas through a natural language query. Formulas are generated in the low-level Power Fx language, which is based on Microsoft Excel. The principle of operation will be similar to a search engine: the user formulates a request and receives a list of possible formulas in response, from which he can choose the most suitable one. To retrain GPT-3 for the task, the proprietary service Azure Machine Learning was used.

The new feature is currently only announced to support English. Developers will have access to GPT-3 at the end of June 2021 as part of a public pre-test. In the future, Microsoft also plans to integrate Power Fx into other Power Platform-tools, so the ability to use natural language based on GPT-3 will appear in these products as well.

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Although the coding process is automated and will lower the entry threshold for development, it is noted that more complex data queries may still require some technical knowledge. GPT-3 will only make it easier to choose the right formulas.

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