Huawei has everything ready to launch the HarmonyOS operating system. The Chinese company has high hopes for its own Android alternative, expecting many electronics manufacturers to show interest in it. And the first Huawei partner has already been found. This is Midea, one of the leading Chinese home appliance manufacturers, ranging from air conditioners to robotic vacuum cleaners.

According to the portal Gizmochina, the management of Midea announced a partnership with Huawei, under which the company will release a range of products with HarmonyOS on board. According to the vice president and chief technology officer of the IoT direction of Midea, the Chinese electronics manufacturer wants to expand its presence in the Internet of Things market, and the new Huawei operating system will help it in this.

“This year, the HarmonyOS system will cover almost all categories of our products, namely, about 200 types of devices,” said a top manager at Midea.

He also added that Huawei’s OS would enable the company to effectively communicate between its products and the IoT system, noting that more HarmonyOS-powered home appliances will soon be on the market. True, what kind of devices they will be is not specified.

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As a reminder, the official premiere of HarmonyOS is scheduled for next Wednesday, June 2, and Huawei is positioning it as a universal platform for different devices. It is proposed to install it on smartphones and mobile devices and smart home appliances, TVs, and cars. Huawei has previously said it plans to make HarmonyOS available to other manufacturers. This year, about 300 million devices will operate on the new platform, 100 million of which are third-party devices.

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