Samsung recently introduced the Galaxy Tab A7 Lite and Tab S7 FE tablets, which will go on sale on June 10. The new items received relatively low price tags, and many of our readers probably question what is better to buy – new tablets from Samsung or popular iPads of a similar cost. In this regard, I have prepared this article, which will help beginners make their choice.

💡 Only iPads from the current series are considered here – models from previous years are not taken into account.

Galaxy Tab A7 Lite – there is simply no such cheap iPad

This is the initial model for the most undemanding users

  • 3/32 GB (Wi-Fi) or (Wi-Fi + LTE).
  • 4/64 GB (Wi-Fi) or (Wi-Fi + LTE).

This model can be described as briefly as possible – this is a tablet full of compromises. To reduce the cost of the Tab A7 Lite as much as possible, Samsung had to sacrifice something, which was reflected primarily in the display. An 8.7-inch TFT screen is clearly not enough resolution of 1340 × 800 pixels for comfortable work for hours on end – even the vast majority of modern smartphones have a higher pixel density (text clarity). However, if you use the tablet primarily for watching videos and movies without holding it directly to your nose, the pixels on the screen will not be visible.

The 32GB version comes with 3GB of RAM, which is standard for budget tablets, but the 64GB model gets 4GB of RAM, which is more than enough for such a model. In addition, an eight-core processor with a frequency of up to 2.3 GHz perfectly complements the filling – you can’t play the most demanding games with comfort. Still, in everyday use (when surfing the Internet and watching movies), the tablet will work quickly and without jams.

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Samsung has equipped the Tab A7 Lite with a smartphone-grade 5,100mAh battery with slow charging (15W unit sold separately) to save money. But the speakers do not disappoint – there are two of them who work in stereo and support Dolby Atmos. In addition, the tablet supports memory cards, which no iPad can boast of.

iPad is Apple’s most affordable model

The cost of a simple iPad is exactly halfway between the prices of new Samsung tablets.

  • 32 GB (Wi-Fi) or (Wi-Fi + LTE).
  • 128 GB (Wi-Fi) or (Wi-Fi + LTE).

While Samsung chose to simplify the main technical specifications in its most affordable model, Apple chose a different approach. The “Apple” company released a more expensive tablet, but with an uncompromising filling – it simply does not have the features and advanced technologies of more expensive tablets.

The basic iPad features are sure to be enough for undemanding users who plan to use the tablet for entertainment rather than large projects. The 10.2-inch display has plenty of pixel density, and the A12 Bionic chip in the iPhone XS is up to the task.

Belonging to a low price category is still felt – for example, there is no anti-reflective screen coating, and the front camera has a ridiculous resolution of 1.7 megapixels. But Apple has been generous with support for the Apple Pencil (1st generation) and magnetic keyboards.

Galaxy Tab S7 FE and iPad Air are equal competitors.

It is impossible to name the best model. It all depends on the needs of the user

  • Galaxy Tab S7 FE 4/64 GB
  • Galaxy Tab S7 FE 6/128 GB
  • iPad Air 64 GB (Wi-Fi) or (Wi-Fi + LTE).
  • iPad Air 256 GB (Wi-Fi) or (Wi-Fi + LTE).
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These two tablets can really be called equal competitors because they cost identical and match each other in filling and look very similar due to the thin bezels around the display. Moreover, from the buyers’ side, they have the same positioning – these are simplified flagship tablets without unnecessary functions and components that units may actually need.

The strengths of the Galaxy Tab S7 FE are its huge 12.4-inch display. The included magnetic S Pen and four excellent AKG stereo speakers. Of the software features, the DeX mode stands out, which turns the Android 11 interface into a kind of computer operating system with support for a keyboard and mouse (you can even connect a monitor), familiar application windows, and multitasking. However, the performance (Snapdragon 750G) is not outstanding, and the lack of a fingerprint scanner will definitely not please users.

The 2020 iPad Air is the first in its lineup to feature a bezel-less design from the Pro models. The gadget is based on the advanced A14 Bionic processor – its performance will last for several years with a margin. This model has a 10.9-inch screen with an anti-glare coating and support for TrueTone (adapts the white balance to the environment), a 7-megapixel front camera, and an advanced 12-megapixel main camera. But there is no stylus in the kit, and the vaunted proprietary keyboard with a built-in touchpad will cost a lot. Unfortunately, advanced speakers remain the domain of the iPad Pro.

Bottom line: so what to choose

In fact, each buyer must decide for himself on the optimality of a particular model because they are all different from each other, and the differences are noticeable:

  • Galaxy Tab A7 Lite – full of compromises and purely for entertainment, but the lowest and really affordable price. This is an option for people who don’t plan to spend most of their day with their tablets.
  • iPad – no obvious compromises, just no features of more expensive models like anti-reflective coating or TrueTone. This is the golden mean if you do not need unnecessary technologies, but you only want the most affordable tablet without obvious flaws.
  • Galaxy Tab S7 FE – a huge screen, excellent speakers, a proprietary stylus in the kit, and a DeX mode that turns your tablet into a computer or laptop. The best option for people who want to use the tablet comfortably for both work and play.
  • iPad Air – advanced processor and borrowed features from Pro models. In fact, this is the same regular iPad, just in a new design and with bonuses like an improved camera and processor, TrueTone, and USB-C support. This is an option for those who want to buy a tablet for years to come. But you need to be prepared for expensive accessories – unlike the Galaxy Tab S7 FE, the iPad Air does not come with a stylus, and the proprietary keyboard with a touchpad is quite expensive.

There is also an iPad mini, but it differs from the models compared in this article and all tablets in principle. This is a toddler with a 7.9-inch display. It’s like a combination of iPad and iPad Air: processor, main camera, supported stylus and design from a regular iPad; front camera and chips of expensive models from iPad Air; there is no support for magnetic keyboards at all. iPad mini is hardly suitable for work or watching movies – rather, it is a gadget to carry with you at all times, which will help out while the owner is away from home or work.

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