While all the public attention is focused on Epic Games’ lawsuit against Apple, the developer continues to improve its game. So, now Fortnite has a new mode that allows you to increase the frame rate, even on older computers.

The so-called “performance” mode, according to the creators of Fotrnite, is a new experimental mode that offers significant performance gains while reducing RAM consumption and CPU and graphics load at the expense of picture quality. The new mode is available to users of all PCs that meet the minimum Fortnite installation requirements. Thanks to the new function, the game will work much better even on slower computers, and the frame changes will become more stable. True, the new mode is only available in the “Battle Royale” and Creative mode, but the “Save the World” campaign does not support this option.

You can turn on the performance enhancement mode by going to the options settings, after which you need to restart the game. After that, you can see how the image quality has dropped noticeably in order to increase the frame rate. Epic Games provides several examples of performance gains after enabling the new mode. So, on a PC with integrated AMD Radeon HD 8610G graphics, released back in 2013, the refresh rate increased from 18 to 45 frames per second, and on a computer with Intel UHD Graphics 620, this figure changed from 24 to 61.

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In addition to this, players can now opt out of downloading high-res textures from the Fortnite installation settings page, freeing up about 16GB of storage on disk. As a result, the size of the game without additional components will be only 18 GB.

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