Experienced Android users are well aware of what Magisk is. This is a unique tool that allows you not only to “root” a mobile device, but also to customize the operating system, without actually making changes to the system files. Another reason for Magisk’s popularity is its ability to bypass Google’s security check, which prevents certain applications from running on rooted devices. Due to this, the developer with the nickname topjohnwu made some changes in the latest Magisk update.

Magisk 23 focuses on improving the stability of the utility. Users who use the Magisk app solely to validate SafetyNet certification may find that functionality has been broken in the past few weeks. The issue is now resolved as this release contains fixes for the SafetyNet API.

Another equally important change was the discontinuation of support for older versions of Android. The latest version of Magisk can only be installed on a device with Android 5.0 and higher. Owners of smartphones and tablets running Android KitKat or Jelly Bean will have to settle for older builds of the app.

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Download Magisk 23 can be found on GitHub. There is also a complete list of changes in the latest version of the application.

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