The freebie for Google Photos users will end very soon. From June 1, Google will take into account all photos and videos when uploading to the cloud storage, that is, if the archives uploaded after this date, regardless of the quality, weigh more than the free 15 GB, then you will have to purchase a Google One subscription to store them.

The only ones who will not be affected by the new rule will be the owners of branded Google Pixel smartphones, which will be able to continue uploading photos and videos to the cloud without limit. The benefit was not supposed to extend to future Pixel devices, and the internet giant itself has said it has no plans to provide unlimited storage on future Pixels. But it looks like Google is still working on some form of unlimited cloud storage for future Pixel smartphones. This is the conclusion reached by the authors of the XDA Developers portal after examining the code for the new version of the Google Photos application.

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In version 5.4.1, experts found mentions of a new option called Storage Saver (translated as “Storage Saver”), which will make it possible to use unlimited space in Google Photos for Pixel smartphones. This feature allows you to back up your photo at a slightly reduced quality, similar to the High Quality option on current Pixel models. Journalists speculate that the new feature will appear in future Pixel smartphones, or that Google will simply rename the High Quality feature to Storage Saver, since both have the same phrase “slightly downgraded” in their descriptions.

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