New Volvo cars will receive “names” instead of indexes

The information publication Autocar reported that representatives of Volvo Cars have decided to change the names of future cars completely – they will be given full-fledged “names” instead of rather inconvenient indexes for the user. It is worth recalling that a month ago, Hakan Samuelsson, CEO of Volvo Cars, announced during the presentation of the Concept Recharge show car that the manufacturer would choose more emotional and memorable names for its cars. Then, however, it was only about the future crossover, which will replace the XC90.

Now, apparently, all new cars of the brand will be called with bright names since the current naming of Volvo vehicles, according to the CEO himself, is too engineering. Moreover, he stressed that future cars would be completely electric. They will be created on a new platform and architecture, which means that the name change is also a starting point from which the manufacturer will begin a new era of the automotive industry. At the same time, it should be understood that for Volvo, the abandonment of engineering names is really a serious step since the manufacturer has not used ordinary “names” for its cars since 1970.

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The company launched the current system, by which all production cars are called, almost 25 years ago – sedans received the letter S, station wagons were designated with the letter V, crossovers acquired XC, and hatchbacks began with the letter C. And although the names of all cars are rather boring, potential it is easy for buyers to understand. Now, apparently, there will be no such clear division into lines – instead, the manufacturer will call the car families a bright name that is easier to remember.

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