Office gaming monitor: Philips 322E1C Review

In the usual sense, gaming devices are distinguished by a deliberately aggressive appearance with chopped lines and LED backlighting. However, there are rare exceptions Philips 322E1C – this is the case. The arsenal of the novelty is obviously a gaming matrix with a diagonal of 31.5 inches and a noticeable bend, but the office design in no way gives it out.

Specifications: Philips 322E1C

  • Diagonal: 31.5 inches.
  • Working area of ​​the screen: 698.4 × 392.85 mm.
  • Resolution: 3840 x 2160 pixels, 140 PPI.
  • Matrix: VA, bend 1500R.
  • Refresh rate: 75 Hz.
  • Backlight: LED W-LED, Flicker Free, LowBlue.
  • Response time: 4 ms.
  • Viewing angles: 178 ° / 178 °.
  • Contrast: 3000: 1.
  • Brightness: up to 250 cd / m² (declared), up to 245 cd / m² (measured).
  • Connectors: 1 × HDMI 1.4, 1 × DisplayPort 1.2, 1 × VGA (analog), 1 × audio out.
  • Bracket: tilt adjustable, VESA 100 × 100 mounts.
  • Dimensions: 709 x 523 x 281 mm (with stand); 709 x 425 x 88 mm (without stand).
  • Weight: 7.1 kg (with stand); 6.28 kg (without stand).

Appearance and stand

In appearance, there really is no characteristic aggressive decor. Only non-marking black plastic and a light metal leg. This contrast is the essence of Philips’s corporate identity.

At the back, there is no less pleasant plastic with horizontal notches. A particularly attentive reader will notice the universal VESA 100 × 100 mounts.

Office gaming monitor.  Philips 322E1C review

The standard stand is quite compact and has a tilt angle adjustment in the range of -5 to 20 degrees. The monitor really uses up the desktop space very wisely, thanks to the cutout in the base of the stand, where you can put small things. A metal plate is hidden under the plastic casing. The leg is also metal. The adjustment is smooth – all this indicates the reliability of the fastening.

Office gaming monitor.  Philips 322E1C review

Matrix and control menu

It’s nice to see how 31.5-inch monitors come into use – this is a very convenient diagonal. In this case, a VA-matrix is ​​installed, distinguished by ideal viewing angles and the best black depth against the IPS background. There are no complaints about the quality: full sRGB color gamut, high contrast, saturation pleasing to the eyes.

Office gaming monitor.  Philips 322E1C review

The bending radius of 1500R with a diagonal of 31.5 makes all areas of the image equidistant from the viewer, thereby reducing eye strain.

Office gaming monitor.  Philips 322E1C review

The resolution of 1920 × 1080 is not enough for such an impressive diagonal. The density is a modest 70 PPI. When working with text at a short distance from the screen, individual pixels are visible to the naked eye. But do not forget, first of all, we have a gaming monitor – the FHD resolution does not load the video card much. The only thing missing is an increased refresh rate. The standard 75 Hz will not be enough for a powerful PC. But the matrix with a thin bezel is installed flush with the body.

Office gaming monitor.  Philips 322E1C review

The maximum measured brightness is 245 cd/m² and coupled with a perfect matte finish. There is no glare or reflection during the day. The minimum brightness is ideal 1 cd / m², comfortable at night in a room without any lighting.

Office gaming monitor.  Philips 322E1C review

There are the usual mechanical buttons on the bottom left: if you learn their location, you will be able to operate the menu blindly – very convenient. Slightly to the right is a white LED indicator blinking in standby mode.

Office gaming monitor.  Philips 322E1C review

The menu is logically arranged and well organised—convenience – quick access to brightness control. In the display settings, you should pay attention to the special sRGB mode, fine adjustment of the color temperature in Kelvin, and as many as five values ​​of the gamma curve.

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Connectors and power

DisplayPort, HDMI, and analog VGA are provided for image output. The sound from the combined interfaces is transmitted to the audio jack. There are no built-in speakers. Includes only one HDMI cable.

Office gaming monitor.  Philips 322E1C review

The power supply is integrated into the case: a standard three-core wire is used to supply electricity, and extra boxes do not get in the way under the table. During operation, Philips 322E1C consumes an average of 40.6 W and in standby mode – no more than 0.5 W.

The wires can be routed through the leg so that they cannot be seen from the front.

Office gaming monitor.  Philips 322E1C review

Feedback after two weeks of use

Tested Philips 322E1C designed for those who need a gaming monitor, but the interior style does not allow for a model with an aggressive appearance. This is the key feature of the novelty – restrained style and practical materials. Other specs are mid-range: huge curved screen, but with low FHD resolution and standard refresh rates; full set of video outputs, but no USB hub; beautiful stand, but only one adjustment. However, this does not prevent the Philips 322E1C from being a great candidate for use in conjunction with a console or gaming computer for FHD gaming with 60 FPS. Especially considering the charming price – from $190, depending on the store.

Office gaming monitor.  Philips 322E1C review


  • high-quality curved matrix;
  • effective anti-reflective coating;
  • nice design without gaming aggression;
  • reliable stand with tilt angle adjustment;
  • full set of interfaces;
  • comfortable mechanical buttons.
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  • a small resolution gives only 70 PPI.

May not like:

  • low refresh rate 75 Hz;
  • built-in power supply.

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