Today, May 20, OMEN, HP’s gaming arm, officially unveiled several gaming laptops, a monitor, and a very convenient streaming service for a small company. What’s more, and most surprisingly, HP now has another subsidiary brand that makes gaming laptops for avid fans – it’s called Victus. But let’s talk about everything in order.


This laptop is the first gaming solution in the arsenal of OMEN with a diagonal of 16.1 inches – while, as the company said, the new product differs only slightly in size from the OMEN 15 model. It’s all about the thin frames around the display, allowing for a compact size to increase the diagonal. The display itself supports a resolution of up to 2K with a refresh rate of 165 Hz and a 3 ms response time. But the best part of the new product, of course, is hidden under the case – there are now installed NVIDIA RTX 30 series video cards. The gamer gets a choice of a complete set with RTX 3060 or RTX 3070, which are on average 30% more powerful than the previous generation of graphics accelerators.

Also, the potential owner gets the opportunity to install up to 1 TB of memory on a solid-state drive with PCIe Gen 4×4 interface, there is support for Wi-Fi 6E, and the battery life is 9 hours. And the laptop was also equipped with an advanced cooling system (two fans and impressive radiators) and its own software for setting up the system. For example, in the OMEN Gaming Hub, you can select the fan mode, raise the fan speed, estimate the temperature of the processor or video card, adjust the keyboard backlight, or analyze the load on the system.

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If the gamer thinks that 16 inches are not enough for him, the OMEN 17 model provides the convenience of a desktop gaming computer in a mobile version. It is worth saying that with such an impressive diagonal, the laptop turned out to be quite compact, but the hardware in it is even more powerful. For example, in this case, a gamer can choose an RTX 3070 or even an RTX 3080 graphics card, getting a higher quality picture. There is also an optical-mechanical keyboard, which allows you to fight in virtual worlds with the maximum speed of registration of pressing. The cooling system resembles that of the OMEN 16 – also two fans for blowing and large radiators along the edges of the case.

The developers stated that the laptops are identical in terms of a huge list of parameters – they have the same QHD display with an IPS panel and a refresh rate of 165 Hz, RGB backlighting with the ability to customize each key, Wi-Fi 6E, PCIe Gen 4×4 storage and built-in Thunderbolt 4 …

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Victus brand

HP’s new sub-brand is also aimed at gamers who want the ultimate performance, but Victus models have a more austere and understated design. The lid of the laptops features the OMEN-style ā€œVā€ logo. The same symbol can be seen on the decorative grille above the keyboard. Currently announced three color options (blue, black, and white), IPS-display with a refresh rate of 165 Hz, a video card up to RTX 3060, and an advanced cooling system that will not allow overheating even with prolonged use of the gadget under load.

OMEN 25i

OMEN decided that just a gaming monitor was too easy. It is for this reason that they made the OMEN 25i, which boasts some essential features. Firstly, this monitor supports dynamic Crosshair – a conditional crosshair in the center of the screen, displayed on top of all games and content, allowing you to shoot more accurately. Moreover, there is proprietary software for the flexible adjustment of this sight.

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It is also the world’s first monitor with Remaster Mod support, a special technology that enhances the images of past generations of games, making them more enjoyable and enjoyable. Additionally, there is a technology that allows you to see better in dark scenes, and in the proprietary software, the user can configure additional image parameters. Also, unsurprisingly, the monitor has a 165Hz refresh rate, 1ms response time, and minimal bezels around the display.


No one can be surprised by streaming technologies in the modern world – to start a live broadcast. You need to download the simplest software. But if a gamer does not plan to broadcast to hundreds or thousands of people but plans to conduct a tube stream by sharing content with friends and family, you can use the OASIS app for OMEN Gaming Hub with pleasure. Here you can communicate with video, demonstrate gameplay, and chat – video is transmitted in 720p, gameplay at 30 FPS, high-quality sound, and the ability to gather up to 16 people in one stream. It’s also free and available to everyone.

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