Opera launches GX gaming browser on smartphones: with ad blocker and news feed

Relatively recently, in 2019, Opera officially released the world’s first gaming browser – it was named Opera GX. Further, according to the developers themselves, fans of the desktop version actively asked to release an analog on smartphones. Two years after the release of the original, a beta version of the browser for gamers has been released on Android and iOS. Probably, within a few weeks, the novelty will be available worldwide (now it is gradually rolled out), but there is still no approximate data on a full release. However, this browser actually does not have any special gaming functions.

For example, Opera GX Mobile boasts the GX Flow function, which allows the user to transfer files between the smartphone and the desktop quickly. You can also sync browser tabs, send links, images, and even notes without using additional software. Also, this function provides the ability to share guides, character assemblies, and other subtleties, but, of course, not all mobile games are supported. The second feature of this browser is GX Corner – a kind of news aggregator that collects content on gaming topics. We are talking about news, fresh releases, discounts on games, and sales.

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Additionally, the new product boasts fairly flexible interface customization – the user has four themes to choose from (Classic, Ultra Violet, Purple Haze, and White Wolf). The application is also equipped with an ad blocker and protection against cryptocurrency mining. Despite the apparent lack of any gaming features, this browser is likely to be in demand – the desktop version in March 2021 showed 9 million monthly active users. The Opera GX audience on Discord reached almost 300 thousand participants.

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