Paid subscriptions may appear on Instagram

Instagram has been one of the most influential social networks for a long time, but it was only a year ago that the service began offering ways to make money directly in the app. Instagram is currently exploring the possibility of introducing paid subscriptions and is also interested in the NFT market. The head of the service, Adam Mosseri, spoke about this in an interview with The Information.

“There are different ways to simplify the financial relationship between the subscriber and the author. The ability to subscribe to some unique or exclusive content actually feels more enjoyable than watching ads, ”says Adam Mosseri.

Paid subscriptions for influential Instagram bloggers will likely allow them to sell access to additional content. Similar to how Patreon or other similar services do it. Earlier this year, Twitter announced a similar feature called Super Follows, and YouTube already offers channel subscriptions that give users additional benefits. Such an innovation could be part of an initiative that Instagram and its parent company Facebook launched last year to bring influential bloggers to the platform. It includes the distribution of advertising revenue and the ability to receive donations during live broadcasts.

“Personally, I’m more optimistic about this and excited about creating monetization opportunities that will help them make a living in the long run. It’s better than writing checks directly, although I don’t mind writing checks, ”added Adam Mosseri.

Instagram is also looking at the market for NFTs, unique digital collectibles that include both memes and art. Mosseri noted that Instagram is often a platform for showcasing the work of NFT artists, so he likes the idea of ​​doing something in this area.

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