POF (PlentyofFish) Registry problems, errors and not working, why?

POF, short for PlentyofFish, is the world’s leading and most widely used online dating site on the internet. It requires a fairly complicated registration process to prove that you are who you are and not a scam. However, there are many cases where users simply could not get past the first page of the registration form in POF due to repetition of random errors. Because it does not work?

Why do I keep getting errors while signing up for POF?

If you keep getting errors like “The password is too easy to guess »Or» The username is taken »While you are sure that the password is as complicated as you might think and the username is as unique as can be,» may «It also indicates that the country (detected by your IP address) from which you visit POF.com is on the POF blacklist, therefore registration is not allowed.

In most cases, if your country is not accepted, you will get the error that says » You are trying to register from a country where we currently do not accept registrations from your current location «. But, that is not always the case.

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Some users reported that they keep getting errors like the error » the username is taken “No matter how many times they tried to change and fix those problems, and only to find that their countries are not actually allowed to register with POF.

We have no idea which countries are not accepted by POF. There is very little information about this on their website. You may want to put on on contact the customer service to the POF client to see if your country is accepted or not. This post is just to give you an idea of ​​what could be causing your recurring POF registration issues. You will still have to find out yourself and find out if your country is POF blocked or not. If you are sure that POF accepts your country, but you still get the username or password errors, you may want to check your registry entry again .

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Well, we have no idea why some countries are not accepted by POF (it could be due to law issues in certain countries). If you are a citizen of a POF whitelisted country but currently residing abroad in a POF blacklisted country, you can try use a VPN to connect to your home country to register for a new POF account. Ultimately, if you are still not sure what is causing problems for your POF.com registration, the best way is to contact your customer service .

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