Many users believe that Bugatti car owners wear luxurious Swiss watches on their wrists for fabulous money, which are also produced in limited editions. Perhaps it is, but now Bugatti itself plans to change the situation by introducing its own smartwatch to the market – it was developed in partnership with VIITA, which promised not only the standard capabilities of wearable electronics but also bonuses like tracking the reaction of the human body when you click on the gas pedal. In addition, there is a GPS tracker, a function for measuring the level of oxygen in the blood, a heart rate sensor, and a lot of familiar smart features.

For example, a Bugatti watch can advise the wearer on cardiovascular workouts, determine the wearer’s exact biological age, determine the maximum VO2 value, stress level, and sleep quality. In addition, the manufacturer has created its own operating system for its new device – it allows you to choose one of ten watch faces, works with iOS and Android to receive notifications. Still, there is no way to connect to Apple Health or Google Health. But there is its own mobile application that collects data about the user’s health.

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At the moment, the manufacturer has not yet sent the watch on sale – there is a fundraising campaign on Kickstarter. There are three case options available (Bugatti Ceramique Edition One Pur Sport, Bugatti Ceramique Edition One Le Noire, and Bugatti Ceramique Edition One Divo). Still, under the hood, everything is identical. The set also includes two straps (steel and rubber), and if desired, the user can order a unique front panel made of any expensive materials. And it costs such a pleasure, surprisingly, quite reasonable money – $ 1,100 during the Kickstarter order period. After a full launch in October, the price will rise to $ 1,500.

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