Preparing Automatic Windows 10 Black Screen Loop Repair (Fix)

If you are stuck in a continuous loop where your computer encounters the black screen Preparing Windows 10 automatic repair which tries to perform startup repair for Windows 10, but it always ends up showing that your PC did not start properly or that the Windows 10 Automatic Repair could not repair the error message your pc .

No matter how many times you try to restart your PC, it reboots directly to the black screen of automatic repair Windows 10 in preparation. Startup repair keeps repeating but failed to fix anything.

Basically, the automatic repair cycle indicates that the Windows 10 boot files or system files are damaged or missing. This problem can be caused by changes in software, such as after Windows Update, virus infection, or unknown conflicts between software, such as antivirus software. It could also be a hardware failure that triggers the loop, especially the failure of the hard drive, graphics card, or RAM.

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This guide will show you what you can do in this particular situation and how to possibly repair Windows 10 without losing files.

Solution: Preparing Automatic Windows 10 Black Screen Loop Repair

Try running command prompt from recovery or safe mode

Since the problem is directly related to Windows 10 boot files and possibly system files, you should try to run a number of common repair tools by command, such as the system file check command to scan and repair automatically. system files, chkdsk tool to check for disk errors, DISM to repair Windows 10 image, and bootrec.exe to repair Windows 10 boot problems.

To learn how to repair Windows 10 using command prompt without starting Windows, read: How to start Windows 10 repair using command prompt.

System restore, roll back or reset Windows 10

If none of the tools you have run at the command prompt work to fix your problem Preparing Windows 10 Automatic Loop Repair , you can proceed to restore, roll back or reset the system for your Windows 10.

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These options will be available when you enter the Windows Recovery Environment. To start Windows recovery, when you are preparing Windows 10 black screen repair, wait for it to finish diagnosing your PC. When the blue screen error returns from Your PC did not start properly , instead of clicking Restart, click Advanced Options . Then select Solve problems to access all available recovery options. This is what you can do.

If you just installed a major Windows update and immediately after that your PC encountered automatic fix Windows 10 loop problem. Try to roll back the Windows 10 update to a previous version. You can do it by navigating to Solve problems > Advanced Options > Back to the previous version .

If the back Go to the previous version is not listed as an option, and if you have a restore recovery point or drive Created before the becoming of the “Automatic repair prepare Windows 10 black screen” problem, you should try to system restore Windows 10 to an earlier date. You can do it by selecting Solve problems > Advanced Options > Restore system .

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If you do not have a restore point or recovery drive, system restore will not be possible. The only option left is to reset Windows 10 to factory settings. Resetting Windows 10 will allow you to keep your files and only reinstall Windows 10 system files. Thus, you can reinstall Windows 10 without losing any files. To do this, go to Solve problems > Reset this PC .

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