Printer not working after Windows 10 update (fix)

While we cannot neglect Windows Updates as they contain important bug fixes and security patches, we will only have to face the consequences that it may break things after the update. In our case now, it is the printer not working after Windows 10 update. This post will discuss how to fix common problem about printer stopped working after Windows 10 update.

Even though Microsoft is trying to make things compatible in the best possible way, problems still arise and we as users will have to fix it ourselves most of the time.

Solution: Printer does not work after Windows 10 update

Depending on where you are now with your printer, here are some common causes of printer not working after Windows 10 upgrade. You can move up the list to fix your printer problem.

Printer re-share: Homegroup feature no longer exists

Since Windows 10 April 2018 Update version 1803, the HomeGroup feature has been completely removed from Windows 10. Now, the file and printer sharing feature will not involve HomeGroup. All previously created home groups were also removed.

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If your printer was previously configured on your home network using the HomeGroup sharing feature, you may need to share your printer again as it may have been removed from your network after the Windows 10 update.

To know how to share your printer, read: How to share printers without group at home in Windows 10. This is the most common cause of printer not working after Windows 10 update recently.

Run Printer Troubleshooter

Unlike the troubleshooter in the past, the Troubleshooter tool in Windows 10 can really do something to troubleshoot. In fact, the troubleshooting tool is the first thing we would use when a problem arises.

Make sure your printer is properly connected to your computer. Then follow the steps below to run the printer troubleshooter.

  1. Go to the start menu.
  2. Click on Setting (the icon of settings on the left).
  3. Please select Update and security .
  4. From the left panel, select Solve problems .
  5. Under Troubleshoot, select Printing machine , then click Run the troubleshooter .
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The printer troubleshooter will be able to detect the following errors whenever they exist: print queue service errors, printer network sharing problem, printer driver errors or updates, printer connectivity problem, and printer queue problems. It will automatically apply the necessary repair and inform you when action is needed on your part to fix the problem with your printer.

Update the printer driver to fix printer not working after Windows 10 update

I hate to say this, but you will have to make sure your printer driver is properly installed and up to date. Although you may have already installed the printer driver, it has been repeatedly reported that Windows Update could cause Windows to reset settings for no reason, including overriding your printer driver.

If you have a driver CD that came with your printer, try installing the driver from there and see if it solves the problem. If you do not have a CD, you will need to go to your printer manufacturer’s website and download the latest driver for your printer. Restart your PC after installation and check if the printer is not working after the Windows 10 update problem still persists.

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What else can you do

Double check your printer and see if it is properly connected to your PC or your home network. After sharing your printer over a network, make sure that users (your PC) have permission to access and use the printer.

You can try letting Windows automatically search for the latest driver from its repository. To do this, go to the start menu. Scribe device administrator and open it. Expand Print queues . Right-click on your printer and then select Update driver .

Alternatively, you can try uninstalling your printer driver. Then restart your computer and run Windows Update again to allow Windows to automatically install the best compatible driver for your printer.

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