Few people know that the original Pixel 2 XL was supposed to be released by HTC. The Taiwanese company even developed a fully working prototype, codenamed “Muskie,” but the Internet giant Google opted for the device made by LG at the last moment. But now, almost four years after the announcement of the second generation of the Pixel series, it is possible to look at the Pixel 2 XL launched by HTC. True, this is just a prototype, which was put up for sale on the eBay online platform.

According to the authors of the 9to5Google portal, a prototype Pixel 2 XL, developed by HTC, has appeared on eBay. It is essentially a slightly larger Pixel 2. It has the same wide bezels around the display, the main camera with a flash in front of it, and a fingerprint scanner on the back. Looking at this prototype, it becomes clear why Google preferred the version developed by LG because it looks much more modern.

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The Pixel 2 XL for sale is a prototype for internal testing, as indicated by the logo on the back and the “EVT1 C” sticker. The Android 8.0.1 mobile operating system runs the August 2017 security update and has several test apps installed, such as Better Bug, Pixel Logging, Ramdumper, Traceur, and Volta. The characteristics of the prototype were not disclosed, but it is assumed that it has a display measuring less than 6 inches and is powered by a large battery at that time with a capacity of 3,830 mAh.

The Pixel 2 XL prototype sold for $ 580. And judging by the fact that it was withdrawn from sale, a buyer for a rare device was found.

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