Realme GT Experience so far: Complete Review

GT or Gran Turismo is a class of high-speed cars that remain comfortable to travel. In other words, sports cars with comfortable seats. What does this have to do with it? The fact is that the hero of today’s review has a laconic but catchy name – Realme GT. It’s stylish, powerful, and super fast, but is GT the right thing to do here? Let’s figure it out.


A glossy smartphone in the age of matte devices.

Sports car in the world of smartphones: Realme GT tested and did not remain indifferent - Design.  2

Although the body of the Realme GT is made of premium metal and glass, the weight of the smartphone does not go beyond 186 grams, which makes it one of the lightest flagships with similar screen size. Only plastic smartphones like the Galaxy S21 are lighter, but the sensations are not the same.

Sports car in the world of smartphones: Realme GT tested and did not remain indifferent - Design.  3

I admit, I usually scold glossy devices: they are easily soiled and too bright. However, today is a different case. The fact is that the Realme GT’s gloss really does benefit. The lid has an interesting texture with a gradient that looks nobler than out of place. Perhaps it is a carefully polished metal frame, perhaps a color scheme, but I was delighted.

Sports car in the world of smartphones: Realme GT tested and did not remain indifferent - Design.  4

The camera block practically does not protrude above the body, which only adds to the feeling of lightness that Realme GT already blows from a mile away. By the way, a 3.5-mm Mini-Jack for headphones can also be accommodated in a thin 8.4-mm case of novelty. I don’t need it, but someone will obviously be happy. However, Realme has forgotten about one thing – there is no protection from water and dust here, which, honestly, is a little frustrating.


Reference AMOLED in the segment.

Sports car in the world of smartphones: Realme GT tested and did not remain indifferent - Display.  one

Most of the smartphone’s front panel is occupied by a 6.43-inch AMOLED display with an increased refresh rate. The camera was placed here in the left corner, which looks neat and does not violate the style set by the thin frames. You can only notice a slightly thickened chin, but this is more a personal quibble than a serious flaw.

Sports car in the world of smartphones: Realme GT tested and did not remain indifferent - Display.  2
Sports car in the world of smartphones: Realme GT tested and did not remain indifferent - Display.  3

Of course, such things are mostly subjective, but in my opinion, the display is perfectly calibrated here. The colors are juicy but undistorted, the peak brightness (1000 nits) works out in the sun even with a margin, and the viewing angles are maximum and do not raise questions. 120 Hz is expected to give a smooth scrolling and add a touch of speed to the entire smartphone interface, but do not forget that all this comes at the expense of autonomy. However, I will not get ahead of myself. I will only summarize that the display here is one of the best in the segment.

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Flagship performance gives flagship power.

Sports car in the world of smartphones: tested Realme GT and did not remain indifferent - Iron.  one

At the heart of the Realme GT is the top bundle of a 5-nanometer Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor, an Adreno 660 video accelerator, and 8 GB of RAM. As expected, the smartphone has no performance problems – the interface flies at the highest speeds, and applications open instantly.

However, let’s go a little further and test it in difficult tasks. World of Tanks Blitz at maximum speed – 60 FPS. PUBG on ultras is also 60. CPU Throttling Test shows a decrease of up to 74 percent in 20 minutes, and in Geekbench 5, the smartphone is gaining 1129 points in a single-core test and 3033 in a multi-core test. A real racing car. But there is also a 256/12 GB version. So to speak, with a margin.

Sports car in the world of smartphones: tested Realme GT and did not remain indifferent - Iron.  2

The smartphone is powered by Android 11 with a proprietary Realme 2.0 shell on top of the system. The interface is clean, and there are almost no decorations from the manufacturer. This is probably why it flies like that. However, I love this brevity. Who needs flower-shaped animations and bubble icons with a volumetric effect? You can always install a custom launcher.

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The main module is at the level. The rest are worse.

On the back of the Realme GT are located 3 cameras:

  • main 64 megapixel with f / 1.8 aperture;
  • 8 megapixel ultra wide-angle with f / 2.3 aperture;
  • macro at 2 megapixels with an aperture of f / 2.4.

The main module issues a picture worthy of the title of the flagship at any time of the day. The photographs are moderately sharp and correctly exposed. I also liked that the smartphone does not seek to make pictures more juicy than necessary. Colors look true and not distorted. Night mode processes the photo in a matter of moments and does not force you to stand with your arms outstretched for 7-10 seconds, which is also a positive moment. In general, the main camera here is rated “excellent.”

The situation with super-width is less rosy. In most cases, the picture is soapy or simply not sharp enough. This effect becomes especially noticeable as you get closer to the edges of the photo. There are also serious chromatic aberrations that appear even without the bright sun.

The 16-megapixel front-facing camera produces a nice picture with enough sharpness to record Instagram Stories. Portrait mode trims the background neatly and brightens skin for both main and front cameras. And he copes surprisingly well with inanimate objects. But the additional 2-megapixel macro camera is here more for the show since it is almost impossible to get any tolerable results. In my opinion, a telephoto lens would be much more useful here.


Capacity is compensated by charging speed.

Despite the global trend for batteries with a capacity of 5,000 mAh and more, the Realme GT boasts only a 4,500 mAh battery – there is something to talk about here. The smartphone will last a day of normal use, but you cannot do without charging if you use the device a little more actively.

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And here we come to the most interesting thing – fast charging. The smartphone comes with a power supply unit for as much as 65 W! Thus, you can charge your smartphone and power your laptop if necessary. From zero to one hundred Realme GT charges in a record 40-45 minutes, and 15 minutes the smartphone charges up to 60 percent – this cannot but amaze. However, these are not all the trump cards up the sleeve of Realme. Separately, you can buy a 50-watt charger with a Mini attachment to the GT, which, of course, increases the charge replenishment time to 55-60 minutes but is still amazing. An 81 x 39 x 10 mm block produces 50 watts! It even partially compensates for the lack of wireless charging.

Feedback after a week of use

Realme GT impresses with its speed and elegance.

Sports car in the world of smartphones: I tested the Realme GT and did not remain indifferent - Reviewed after a week of use.  one

Based on the results of using Realme GT, I can say that it definitely matches the GT prefix. A fast, everyday-friendly smartphone that fits nicely in hand and has a flagship camera module. What else can you dream of? Perhaps a bigger battery would not be superfluous here, but this is almost eliminated by one of the most powerful chargers on the market.


  • Flagship hardware.
  • Juicy screen from 120 Hz.
  • Powerful 65-watt charger included.
  • Slim body made of glass and metal.
  • Decent main camera with quality portrait mode.


  • The battery is barely enough for a day of hard work.
  • The ultra-wide-angle module lathers.

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