Rejoice, Classic Fans – Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Released

After a very dubious experiment called Mass Effect: Andromeda, Electronic Arts made a strong-willed decision to freeze the franchise until better times, when the fans will be released, and they will be ready to buy the games the series again. And while the new project is in development, and this has already been officially confirmed, today, on May 14, the publisher decided to fertilize the soil with a remaster of the cult trilogy – the collection was released simultaneously on both PC and consoles. And the best part about the remaster is that it has become better in every way – from graphics to gameplay mechanics. The developers have clearly done a great job.

Naturally, the authors of the updated trilogy had to work hardest on the graphic component since the first part of Mass Effect was released in 2007 – since then, technology has reached a new level. To make the trilogy look more modern, character models have been redesigned, lighting has been improved, textures and locations have been worked out, and new effects have been added. But, fortunately, the main characters were not radically altered, so they look the same as in 2007, only the faces have become a little nicer. In the gameplay, however, there are also quite a few changes.

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So, the developers have made battles with bosses more honest about the gamer – some skills now do less damage, others have increased the battlefield so that there is more room for maneuvers. Most of the changes will be noticeable in the first part, which was greatly tightened up so that it was on par with the trilogy. The authors also reworked the global Galaxy at War system – now it will be a little more difficult to prepare for the battle with the Reapers, but probably more interesting … And, of course, it is worth noting that now the player-created Shepard is a universal character – his appearance will remain in all three parts of the collection.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition’s Steam and Origin.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition’s PS Store.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition’s Microsoft Store.

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