Repair unidentified network without internet access windows 10, 8.1 and 7

Internet connection disconnected, can’t access network shared files after Windows 10 1809 update? the network icon in the notification area shows a yellow exclamation point and says » Unidentified network : no network access «. An unidentified network means that the gateway is not on a computer for the current connection. And most of the time entering a valid gateway solves the problem. Again, sometimes wrong network settings, outdated corrupt driver software for network adapter does not cause internet access, limited connectivity problem in Windows 10, 8.1 and 7.

How to factory reset Windows 10

Upgrading a computer can be done in two ways, one from startup and the other from Settings. If you update your PC, your files and personalization settings will not change. And your PC settings will go back to default, Windows Store apps will be kept. But third party apps will be uninstalled.

However, you don’t need to worry, because before starting the update, you will be notified about the apps that will be uninstalled during the process. So if they are important to you, you can take note of the applications. A list of removed apps will be saved to your desktop in a deleted Apps.html file when the update is complete

Steps to update Windows 10 PC without affecting files

To update your Windows 10 PC, you must first go to the Recovery section within the PC settings. To go to the Recovery section, click Start and then Settings.

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Now in Windows Settings, click Update & Security. Here under Update & Security Windows, click Recovery in the left pane. When you click on it, this will preset the Reset this PC options. Go back to the previous build and you can also click Restart to access advanced startup options.

But we are going to Refresh Windows, so click Get Started below to reset this PC

Note: If you have problems that you did not have in Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 and you upgraded to Windows 10 less than a month ago, you can revert to your previous operating system

If you want to stay on Windows 10, click ‘Get started’ under ‘Reset this PC’. This will open the Reset window, where you will have a few options.

Keep my files

This setting will uninstall all programs on your PC, but will not touch other files, such as documents and settings. It will uninstall the programs that you downloaded from the Internet and installed from the disks. But when you return, the apps you installed from the Windows Store will be reinstalled. This is a handy way to update your computer if it’s not working properly and you don’t want the hassle of having to restore your files.

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Remove all

Delete All does the same thing as above, but it also deletes all of your files. This is the best way to update your PC without going back to your old operating system and acts as a clean installation of Windows 10. If your computer shipped with Windows 10, this option keeps the programs that came with your PC installed, so won Don’t get a completely clean slate.

Select “Just delete my files” or “Delete files and clean the drive” if you chose “delete all” in the previous step. Cleaning the drive takes much more time, but it will ensure that if you are giving away the computer, the next person will have a hard time recovering their deleted files. If you keep your computer, choose “Just delete my files.”
Now you will see the image of How to prepare things as shown below.

Now on the next screen it will show which application will be removed. Windows will contain all the pre-build apps and remove all the disguise apps like ms office etc, as shown below.

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Make a note of which apps will be removed so that you can reinstall them after resetting windows, then after clicking Next, the Ready to reset this PC message will appear.

Reset will

. Remove all the apps and programs that didn’t come with this PC
. Change settings to their default values
. Reinstall Windows without deleting your personal files.

Now click Reset Windows will reboot and take several minutes to reset.

First resting this PC, wait to complete 100%.

Now installing Windows. This will also take some time to complete 100%. After that, it will redirect you to country region, language, keyboard layout, and time zone settings. Set according to your own requirement and click next.
In the next window, accept Microsoft’s legal terms and conditions. Next Create an account for this PC Windows create user, add username, password with password hint. Click Next. Windows will install and configure applications and create a user desktop for first use. This will take flying minutes after that, you will get a new Windows 10 window.
Hope this is helpful to all of you.

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