Information publication “TASS” concerning the press service of the state corporation “Rostec” reports that an innovative foam called “Acrimid” has already been sent to mass production in Russia – in the future, it will be used in the production of spacecraft, as well as in aviation industry and the creation of land technology.

“The production volume has now reached about one ton per quarter. The material is supplied to 35 domestic enterprises of instrument making, mechanical engineering, aviation and space industries, ”said employees of the Rostec state corporation.

It is worth noting that a foam plastic unique in its kind was developed at the Research Institute of Polymers. This organization is part of the holding of the state corporation “Rostec.” Moreover, the serial production of innovative material also takes place based on this research institute. And the main feature of the innovative material is that it has high heat resistance, excellent strength parameters, and this foam is also resistant to chemical attack. Accordingly, the structural foam sheet created at the Research Institute will be used as a lightweight filler in the production of various parts of a multilayer structure.

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For example, for the inner skin and load-bearing elements of airplanes, helicopters, engine fairings, for filling a variety of hull elements of uncrewed vehicles. The research institute employees also noted that the new material could be used even in the construction of hull elements in the field of shipbuilding, in the production of radar equipment, in the design of the defense industry complex, and not only. Currently, innovative foam is already being used in the development of Roscosmos and other government organizations.

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