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RTX 4070 Ti unveiled in China with five fans and a magnetic RGB panel

Yesterday, March 17, the Chinese company Maxsun officially introduced to the world its latest RTX 4070 Ti MGG graphics card, the main feature of which is a very advanced cooling system. The fact is that the manufacturer decided to abandon the standard system for the market, consisting of a radiator and three fans with a diameter of 90 mm, launching a model with five fans at once. The company claims that this will allow much more efficient cooling of the graphics processor of the new video card, although this was probably done more for marketing – so the Chinese manufacturer was able to stand out from competitors who produce mainly standard models.

Maxsun GeForce RTX 4070 Ti MGG sports five cooling fans

The RTX 4070 Ti MGG graphics card is equipped with a decorative casing for the cooling system, which is made of silver plastic. Underneath this decorative element is a fairly standard aluminum heatsink, which is attached to the GPU via a contact plate and dissipates its heat. Also, the cooling system is equipped with three standard fans that supply cool air to the radiator fins, lowering the temperature of the system. And at the end of the video card, where there is usually a logo or backlight elements, there are additional fans of extremely small diameter on both sides that complement the airflow.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer did not specify the diameter of these fans, but based on the official photos of the Maxsun GeForce RTX 4070 Ti MGG, we can assume that the diameter of the blades of additional fans is approximately 40-50 mm, that is, this is a very, very small source of active cooling. Accordingly, it is not worth expecting that the fourth and fifth fans will be able to create a powerful air flow, although they will most likely be able to remove some additional degrees of temperature. At the same time, one can only hope that the company was able to work out the speed of these “kids”, because with such a diameter of the blades at high speeds, the fans will create a lot of noise.

In addition, the manufacturer equipped the video card with a rather interesting element in the form of a removable RGB panel on a magnet – if desired, the user can remove it to replace the inscription, for example, and get a small customization element in the system. This panel does not have any additional functions, because it is also impossible to display an image on it or make a custom animation of color transfusion. The customization element looks unusual, but in reality, of course, the thing is absolutely useless.

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