Samsung is working on technology to produce AMOLED displays for modern devices with an incredible 1000 PPI pixels per inch. The premiere of such panels is expected in 2024. To achieve this high density, the company uses an advanced TFT substrate.

Since OLED and TFT are not related in any way, it is more correct to say that this refers to AMOLED technology. It is reported that the matrix in the developed screens will be ten times more responsive than solutions currently on the market. The company expects the high-resolution, high pixel density display to be more economical and cheaper to manufacture than existing TFT models. How Samsung intends to achieve this remains a secret.

In theory, a 1000 PPI display is the optimal solution for virtual reality headsets. However, Samsung has not shown any interest in this category of products so far. Nevertheless, the achievement of just such indicators was talked about in the Samsung Gear VR division four years ago. Then it was believed that the high density and speed of the matrix would allow avoiding “seasickness” and other side effects when using VR headsets.

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Analysts from TrendForce, in their latest report, claim that the share of smartphones with AMOLED displays this year will grow to 39%. Standard panels will continue to be actively used by manufacturers in devices of the middle and high segments. In contrast, flexible AMOLED panels will be mainly equipped with high-performance and flagship models of smartphones. Analysts believe that AMOLED will gradually displace LCD from the middle to the lower price segment.

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