Samsung already has a proprietary feature called Quick Share to quickly share files between smartphones, tablets, and even brand laptops. The feature works great, but only within its ecosystem. If the owners of different Android smartphones want to transfer files to each other, they can use a similar function from Google (Nearby Share), but it often works slower. Several Android device makers seek to address this issue with a single file-sharing standard, and Samsung is joining the alliance.

The alliance, founded by OPPO, Vivo, and Xiaomi two years ago, is called the Mutual Transmission Alliance (MTA), and its goal is to introduce wireless file sharing between mobile devices. It currently includes ASUS, Black Shark, Hisense, Meizu, OnePlus, Realme, ZTE, and Samsung. In addition, the South Korean giant may integrate MTA standards into its own Quick Share function, which will allow it to share files with smartphones and laptops from other manufacturers seamlessly.

The alliance solution uses Bluetooth LE to scan nearby compatible devices, and the actual file exchange is done over a P2P connection based on Wi-Fi Direct. Apparently, the average file exchange rate for this standard is about 20 Mbps. In addition, it supports sharing audio, video, pictures, documents, and other files.

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There is no word yet on when Samsung plans to implement the changes to its file-sharing system. It is also unknown whether it will become popular or whether smartphone owners will prefer to use Google Nearby Share.

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