Signal spoke about the data that Instagram collects about users, and got banned

It’s no secret that almost any social network collects various data about its users to set up targeted advertising. For example, if a user is interested in TVs or video cards, then related products will be shown to him more often in advertising messages to increase the CTR (click-through rate) – the click-through rate. And representatives of the secure messenger Signal decided to show how the social network Instagram collects data about its users in detail by launching a rather interesting advertising campaign. However, it was soon blocked.

The essence of the advertising campaign was to show Instagram users the information that Facebook accumulates to form the target. For example, a social network collects data about the user’s geolocation, his personal interests and hobbies, work, relationships, and other things. Based on these parameters, Signal representatives launched a campaign with similar messages in the feed:

“You received this promotional email because you are a Pilates instructor and love cartoons. This ad uses geolocation to indicate that you are in La Jolla. You are interested in parenting blogs and are thinking about accepting LGBTQ. “

The representatives of the secure messenger, when creating an advertising campaign, chose certain parameters to hit the target exactly – in a similar way, large companies and various PR agencies create their promotions. Naturally, all the information in the Instagram database is provided in an impersonal form. Still, many users will clearly not like that the social network collects such private details of their personal life. It was because of this that the advertising campaign was soon blocked.

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