Solution: Windows host process rundll32 high disk usage issue

Windows , being one of the most used platforms among the PC users , it is also very productive. This productivity is the result of thousands of services and processes They keep running in the background and in the foreground. In this post, we will discuss one of these essential processes, the Windows Host process rundll32.exe . We will learn all the relevant information that we should know about this. Later, we will guide you to fix the problem of Windows host process rundll32 high disk usage in a few minutes. If you are the one suffering from this problem, then thankfully, you have landed in the right place.

What is Windows Host Process rundll32.exe?

If you have been using Windows for a good amount of time, you must have seen the billions of documents or files * .dll (Dynamic Link Library) in each app organizer. These are used to store regular parts of the application that can be accessed from many applications. Since there is no real way to open a DLL file directly, the application rundll32.exe it is essentially used to dispatch utility stored in shared .dll documents. This executable is a reliable and safe component of Windows, and generally shouldn’t be a danger.

This file is generally located in the following path: Windows System32 rundll32.exe . However, sometimes spyware or malware uses a similar file name and keeps running from the other registry with a specific end goal to hide. If you believe that such threat resides on your computer, I recommend that you look for threats using strong antivirus software.

What is the Windows Host Process rundll32 high disk usage problem?

Sometimes he process generic of Windows host rundll32.exe it starts to malfunction and causes high disk or CPU usage. This will slow down and crash the general functions of the computer, and may eventually freeze the PC. This is known as Windows host process rundll32 high disk usage issue . This is a popular problem among Windows users. The worst part is that this cannot be fixed by simply rebooting the system. You have to solve the problem manually, all by yourself. There are several ways available to fix this problem, and I’ll tell you the ones that work the best.

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How to fix Windows Host Process rundll32 high disk usage issue

Of all the solutions, I present the 3 more active. You don’t need any special skills to use any method. I am providing the step by step tutorial with each method. Just follow the steps and you can Fix high disk usage problem of Windows host process rundll32.

1. Disable the telemetry service

The Windows telemetry service collects data from your system and compares it with that of your computer. It will then diagnose any discrepancies / changes that will be used to improve the user experience in the future. However, sometimes this feature leads to the problem of high disk usage of Windows host process rundll32. In this case, you can disable the telemetry service to solve the problem. Follow these steps:

Step 1: press the key Windows + R to activate the dialog Run . Writes ” services.msc »And press Enter .

Step 2: in the Services window, look for » Connected user experience «. After locating it, double click in it to open its settings.

Step 3: Now click on » Stop »Below the service status. Then choose » Start type »And set the option as Disabled . After making these changes, click To accept and close all windows.

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Step 4: Finally, reboot your PC.

2. Uninstall Google App Engine

Google App Engine is a web framework for developing or hosting web applications in data centers managed by Google. As reported by many users, the Google App Engine installation leads them to the problem of high disk usage of Windows host process rundll32. If this is also the case on your computer, follow these steps to uninstall the Google App Engine:

Step 1: press the key Windows + R to activate the dialog Run . Writes ” control Panel »And press Enter .

Step 2: in the control panel, click the option » Uninstall a program »Present under the title of» Programs » . «

Step 3: Now look for “Google App Engine” from the list of programs, right click over it and select “Uninstall”.

Step 4: reboot your computer.

3. Boot into safe mode and repair problems

Booting into Safe Mode is a good and easy method to fix the Windows host process rundll32 high disk usage problem. Follow these steps to do so:

Step 1: in First, start your PC in Safe Mode pressing the F8 key while the system boots. You can also get help from here if you have trouble start in safe mode.

Step 2: After booting into safe mode, press the Windows key + R simultaneously to access the dialog Run . Writes “Taskmgr” and press Enter .

Step 3: In Task Manager, check if CPU and disk usage is normal or abnormal .

Step 4: If disk usage is normal in safe mode, you must perform a clean boot and determine which application / service is causing the problem for you.

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If the high disk usage problem still occurs in Safe Mode, it means that the problem is related to the operating system. Therefore, you must continue with the steps below.

Step 5: press the Windows key + R simultaneously to access the Run dialog box. Writes ” msconfig »And press Enter .

Step 6: Now switch to the tab Services present at the top of the screen. I dialed the box present on the line » Hide all Microsoft services «.

Step 7: Then click the button » Disable all »Present in the lower left part of the window and then click on Apply .

Step 8: Now switch to the tab Beginning and click ” Open Task Manager. «

Step 9: in Task Manager, disable each service one by one.

Step 10: reboot his computer. If the high disk usage problem still persists, it means that an external program was causing the problem. Review the installed programs, determine which application is causing conflicts, and remove them. also can “Restore Windows from the restore point” to repair the problems.


These were the 3 main methods to fix the problem of Windows host process rundll32 high disk usage . You can also visit the thread official of Microsoft related to this topic and seek further help. I also suggest that you use the Antivirus program and look for threats if you still have problems. For any questions, doubts or suggestions, do not hesitate to visit the section of Comments . I hope I’ve helped. Have a nice day, friends!

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