Solved: Can’t install Chrome on Windows 10

Can’t install google chrome overview

Users often complained that the Chrome installation fails due to unspecified errors . Windows 10 Chrome not installing is quite annoying if you need to search for something in this browser.

Although Google Chrome has been said to be very useful in our daily use, Chrome won’t install Windows 10 it is also extremely common.

Here, based on the popularity of this Chrome error, this thread would focus on telling you what to do to fix Chrome Windows 10 installation errors, which include Chrome setup not running, google chrome installation failed (Error code 0xa043 ), Google Chrome installation could not start, does not work

Whatever your problem with Chrome, it is recommended that you refer to this thread if you want to resolve Windows 10 won’t let me install Chrome.

How do I fix can’t install Google Chrome Windows 10?

Whenever you encounter the issue with Chrome installation, there must be something wrong with your app settings or something is preventing you from downloading and installing Chrome on Windows 10. From this article, you can find out what causes your Chrome won’t work. Don’t install error.

Just try the following ways until you come across Chrome not installing.


Solution 1: Uninstall your antivirus software to solve Chrome can’t install Windows 10

As for some users, for security reasons, you may have downloaded at least one antivirus program, such as McAfee and Avast.

But sometimes, these third-party apps can prevent Chrome from being downloaded and installed on Windows 10. So when you get into Windows 10 issues with Chrome, the first thing you can do is remove these programs from your PC, thereby fixing it. Can’t install Google Chrome Windows 10.

1. Go to Control Panel .

2. Try View by category and then select Uninstall a program in programs .

3. In the window Programs and characteristics , locate avast or other antivirus software and then right-click to uninstall it .

Shortly after that, restart your PC for it to take effect.

While signing in again, try to install Google Chrome again to see if you have resolved Chrome settings not running Windows 10 without the hindrance of third-party antivirus app.

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Here, if you want to use some tools to protect your computer security from viruses, you’d better take advantage of the Windows 10 built-in tool: Windows Defender to help you achieve your goal. And here is a tutorial: how to configure windows defender to protect your computer .

Solution 2: Change the Background Intelligent Transfer Service startup type

From another perspective, services on Windows systems, such as smart background transfer ( BIT ), are closely related to the performance of the application installation. Especially, BIT is used to control the delivery of programs in the background, which means that the installation on Windows 10 must be allowed by the BIT service.

In this regard, it is necessary for you to check your BIT settings to fix Windows 10 Chrome installation error.

1. Write Services in the frame Start search and then press enter to navigate to Services .

2. In the window Services , scroll down to discover Intelligent background transfer and then right-click to open your Properties .

3. In the window BIT Properties , look for the start type and then decide to set it as Automatic .

Then press Apply Y Accept to save the changes.

Now you can see that there is nothing preventing Windows 10 from installing Chrome. Can’t install Chrome Windows 10 just solved it successfully.

Solution 3: Update network driver to resolve Google Chrome won’t install Windows 10

Usually, if your WIFI keeps dropping, it’s normal that you can’t run Chrome on your PC. So, to avoid the problem that network connection causes Chrome not to install Windows 10, you should at least make sure that your wifi controller be the most up to date and compatible with Windows 10.

You can decide to update the network driver in device manager.

1. Open Device Manager .

2 in Device Manager , locate and expand the network adapters and then right click on the network driver for update the driver .

3. Click Automatically search for updated driver software .

Then Windows 10 device manager will search online for the updated network adapter driver.

But it is not uncommon for you to find that device manager cannot find the latest network driver for Windows 10. In this case, you had better make the most of it. driver booster to download the updated driver and fix the network failure as well. That can fix Chrome can’t install faster and smoothly.

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one. Download , install and run Driver Booster on Windows 10.

2. Click the button Scan .

Then you will notice that Driver Booster is scanning your computer for missing, outdated and corrupt drivers like WIFI or Ethernet driver.

3. From the search result, locate the network adapters and then update the network controller automatically.

After installing the updated driver, check if your network, Ethernet or wireless network is stable in Windows 10. And then download Chrome again, this time Google Chrome will not download.

But even if you noticed that Google Chrome is still not allowed on Windows 10 due to the presence of the outdated WIFI driver, it is accessible for you to try to get the driver from the official site.

Solution 4: Change Registry Editor for Chrome

In normal cases, you will not be suggested to modify Google Chrome registry editor in Windows 10 to solve can’t download Google Chrome for Windows 10. Changes in registry editor can sometimes lead to data loss Therefore, whenever you are determined to make use of this way, you are supposed to save all your important documents to an external hard drive at first.

Now it is time for you to proceed to modify Chrome registry editor.

1. Press the combination key Windows + R to raise the box Run and then in the box enter regedit . Finally press okay to open Registry Editor.

2 in Registry Editor , go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER / Google / Update / ClientState .

3. in ClientState , right-click on 4DC8B4CA-1BDA-483e-B5FA-D3C12E15B62D for delete it .

4. Close Registry Editor .

This time you are qualified to reinstall Google Chrome one more time and you will see that cannot install Chrome Windows 10 has been resolved after deleting the Google subfolder.

If not, you might also have trouble deleting other browser logs in the registry editor.

Solution 5: Run the Microsoft Apps Troubleshooter

As for this Chrome installation error, in fact, Microsoft has previously offered a tool for you to fix the problem that blocks the installation of programs.

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Now you are also entitled to use this troubleshooter to fix Google Chrome cannot be installed on Windows 10.

1. Download the solver from Microsoft app problems On your computer.

2. Click To open or Run in the dialog Download files to start using this tool.

This troubleshooter is available in Windows 7, 8 and 10, as long as you have downloaded it, you can take advantage of it to solve various problems, including problems that prevent you from installing programs or problems that prevent you from updating any software.

Fortunately, Microsoft’s troubleshooter can completely remove your Chrome unable to install error.

If so, after the browser installation issue is fixed, uninstall this troubleshooter from your PC.

Solution 6 – Enable User Account Control to fix Chrome settings not running Windows 10

User Account Control (UAC) is a feature on Windows systems that controls applications such as downloading, installing, and uninstalling software.

However, to avoid annoying UAC notifications, many of you may have configured yourself to disable User Account Control. But sometimes, this action can prevent Chrome from installing, leading to Google Chrome Windows 10 installation failed error.

So, in this post, to help you solve Chrome won’t work on Windows 10 after installation, you need to turn on UAC.

1. Write User account control in the search box and then click on the result – Change User Account Control settings .

2 in User Account Control Settings , move the slider to the default setting, and then touch Accept to save the changes.

For some people, you may have set UAC as never notify , you need to change this setting by swiping to the top to turn on User Account Control.

When User Account Control opens, it manages to install Google Chrome again and checks if Chrome won’t install’ persists in Windows 10.

In a word, with the help of the above solutions in this post, in a broad sense, you can fix Windows 10 cannot install Chrome problem. Just try the ways one by one until the app installation fails is gone.

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