Solved: Microsoft Windows High CPU Usage Search Indexer Windows 10 !!!

Windows 10, PC Laptop users experience freezes continuously, not responding to clicks at startup. And when checking Taskmanager there is a process called Microsoft Windows search indexer that chews up the huge amount of RAM or CPU. Its almost 100% CPU usage by SearchIndexer.exe . Here in this post we discuss what is SearchIndexer.exe and how to fix high CPU usage of Microsoft Windows search indexer in Windows 10.

Fix Your PC Encountered Windows 10 Problem

Blue screen of death varies a lot and no single solution can be found that will generally fix the entire problem. fallow down steps one after one. I am one of the steps that will work for you.

Modify memory dump settings

As mentioned above, a memory problem can cause this error message to be displayed: “Your PC has encountered a problem and needs to be restarted, we are just collecting error information and then we will restart it.” and your PC always needs to restart. The PC restarts to protect against service problems such as serious hardware failures and future failures. Let’s fix this problem.

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First try modifying the Memory Dump setting in System Properties:
1. Press the «windows +» R «keys to load the Run dialog box. Now write » control sysdm.cpl »And press Enter. Then go to the Advanced tab and click on “Startup and Recovery” Settings.

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