Sony invested in Discord: the messenger is integrated into the PlayStation

Jim Ryan, President and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, announced today, May 3, that the popular Discord messenger will be integrated into the PlayStation Network service. This became possible after the SIE closed the last round of investing in the popular platform. Moreover, Ryan added that this messenger will be integrated into Sony’s own platform early next year, although no one has announced the exact dates. And also, surprisingly, he said that we are talking not only about consoles, but also about mobile devices.

Discord will likely be built into the branded mobile app. Employees of both companies are currently working on integrating the Discord messenger into PSN, and Sony representatives are confident that thanks to this partnership agreement, it will be much more convenient for gamers to communicate, gather in groups and communities, share content, and so on.

It is worth recalling that not so long ago, the information publication The Wall Street Journal, citing its sources, reported the news that Microsoft plans to buy Discord for $ 10 billion. Then, according to insiders, representatives of the platform abandoned the deal, deciding to remain independent. At the same time, the Discord messenger itself on Microsoft consoles has been available for quite a long time.

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