STALKER 2 will take hundreds of hours to complete: developers shared details

The foreign news publication GamingBolt interviewed Zakhar Bocharov, PR manager of GSC Game World, during which media representatives asked about the duration of the STALKER 2 storyline. Unfortunately, the representative of the development team did not give an exact figure, but Bocharov said that the game would be quite long even if the gamer decides to follow the “direct” path, avoiding side tasks, exploring locations and all sorts of additional activities. Of course, the concept of a “rather lengthy game” is different for everyone, but one can hope that the plot will not last ten hours.

At the same time, the PR manager of GSC Game World noted that if fans of the series are engaged in the study of the virtual world, and it is open and very impressive in the game, and also pay attention to many side quests, then it will take hundreds of hours to complete the second numbered part of the cult franchise. Naturally, it’s too early to talk about the quality of side activities, but if side quests in STALKER 2 are at The Witcher 3 level, then this is really great news. Bocharov did not tell anything about the main tasks, as well as about the storyline – this information is a great secret.

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In addition, a company spokesman explained why the game is being created exclusively for PCs and the next generation of Microsoft consoles. According to him, STALKER 2 simply will not run on consoles of the previous generation, since their performance will not be enough. Based on this, we can conclude that the system requirements for a PC will be quite high. Bocharov also said that at the moment the game is being created exclusively for the Xbox Series X | S and PC, while the studio does not plan to transfer the project to the PlayStation 5 yet.

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